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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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One of the key features of The Golf Club is undoubtedly the multiplayer action. Its simplicity, depth and versatility breaks new ground for golf video games and, possibly, for sports games as a whole. The Course Creator generates a brand new course in a matter of seconds so this, obviously, provides an unlimited amount of courses for you and your friends to play your golf on. Beyond this it is incredibly simple to set up a multiplayer game. Pick or generate a course, message your friends in game or talk over the headset and start your round. There isn’t any waiting around because friends and rivals can drop into the course at any time to join the action and if they have to drop out again they can return later to finish their round and will be able to see all the other players’ ghost balls on every hole. You can have between two and hundreds of players on the course at any time and if the screen gets too busy with all the players you can turn the traces / echos off for everyone or selectively. The in-game notification system and social media is used to keep everyone involved up to date with scores and results plus key moments such as hole in ones and eagles.

Stay tuned for more on the multiplayer side of The Golf Club over the coming weeks.