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The Golf Club | April 2, 2023

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Welcome to the website for The Golf Club, a Next Gen golf game developed by HB Studios for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. The philosophy behind the game is to provide an accessible, high quality, social and customizable golf experience with minimal to zero loading times. The latter is a bane of console / PC sports games in general and, in particular, golf games. Sitting watching a loading bar for minutes as you wait for a game to load and half a minute between holes can be miserable. Rapid access is behind every design decision made on this game.

The idea behind the website is to provide a hub online that can support the game. Here you will find everything from screenshots to tutorial videos to wallpaper to players and courses of the week to, what will hopefully become, a vibrant forum for all ‘members’ of The Golf Club.

The game is due to launch in the spring but that won’t be the end of the development on our side. We will continue to support the game through updates, feature additions, HB designed courses, new objects for the course creator and, of course, listening to the golfers within The Golf Club by making tweaks, changes and additions that the community is seeking. The development team members are a committed bunch who love the game they are making. They want to engage with the community and listen to what people like and don’t like about the game. You will find all of us on the forum at different times.

In the coming weeks we will be commencing a closed beta phase followed by an open beta stage. More information about how to get involved will be posted through the forum, the website, Twitter and Facebook so if you monitor one or more you will be sure to hear about it.

All the best.

The Golf Club development team.