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The Golf Club | January 30, 2023

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We released a new Early Access build to Steam this evening containing a bunch of tweaks, fixes and  enhancements to the multiplayer side of things. There is still a big addition to this side of things to come next week but these enhancements are all in response to what we have learned from the Early Access play so far. Thanks for everyone’s feedback so far. It has been extremely useful as we continue to strive to make The Golf Club the ultimate golf gaming experience.


A key key focus for us with this update has been to bring the powerful multiplayer side of things to the fore. It was clear that it wasn’t clear, if that makes sense, quite how to set up live games with friends, play against rivals’ rounds, access social messages and so on. People didn’t seem to notice that you could be playing your own round, see a notification come in that your friend was playing on another course or had set an achievement and jump straight out of your current round (automatically saving where you were on the course) with the click of a button and join them on their course or try to immediately beat their achievement in seconds. To cure this we have made the message centre more prominent and easily accessible and enabled notifications to be interactive. Also, we have merged the social menu with the pause menu. The merger needs a little visual polish but the functionality is all there.


A note for console users, all of these tweaks and enhancements also go into the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One builds serving to make both of those versions even better as we near completion.


The notes for the latest build are:

  • Press Start or click the Player Info panel in the UI to launch the Message Centre.
  • Click Messages in the Social Ticker to activate them.
  • When finishing a course you haven’t rated, the default setting is now the course’s current rating.
  • Scorecard is no longer interactive.
  • Merged social options (change rivals, active friends, watch replay) with the pause menu.
  • Social Ticker will now populate with messages from your archive when you first start the game.
  • Fixed bug preventing messages from cycling in the Social Ticker.
  • “Friend has started a round on X” messages will auto-delete themselves when the sender is no longer playing.
  • Added “Friend has complete a round on X” messages.
  • Ball labels will fade out 3 seconds after the ball has come to a stop.
  • The Hole Info and Scorecard aspects of the HUD are now visible in all camera modes.
  • Fixed bug where the game could sometimes get stuck on the end of a course when playing with a Ghost Ball.
  • If the height tool is over the green, slow down the rate at which it raises/lowers the terrain so you can tune the slope of the green easier.