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The Golf Club | January 28, 2023

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DEV DIARY – EARLY ACCESS BUILD v0.5 The Golf Club Screenshot

This evening we are releasing Early Access Build v0.5. It is a gameplay focused build containing updates and fixes to various aspects of that part of The Golf Club. There is also a feature addition to the online multiplayer side of things – turn-based play.



The key thing that we have dealt with here is the speed of the swing failing to impact shot power, an issue that has been in the game for a couple of weeks. A fix that was made to deal with power issues at lower frame rates neutered the intricate workings of the speed that the stick was moved to emulate swing power. It is a finely balanced aspect of the game so we wanted to feel comfortable with it before pushing the fix out.

A sizeable tweak in build v0.5 is the change in the way we handle the altering of loft through the Shot Shaper. Due to the effects of the swing enhancement and other tweaks we have reduced the clarity of the feedback you currently get when adjusting the loft because it is no longer accurate in its current form. As you adjust the position of the ball in relation to your stance, the change in the display of the potential distance of the club in the top right will change in ten yard increments as opposed to by the yard. The movement of the loft line in the Shot Shaper will also be less precise.

We have also tweaked the impact of the ground surface on the control of the shot and fixed the cone difficulty issue that made punch shots very difficult to play out of any type of rough.



As a result of this gameplay tuning we are going to wipe the scorecards (telemetry). This will reset all leaderboards and career stats. Any created courses will, of course, remain. The general consensus from the feedback and discussions seems to have been that this was expected at some point before full release but if you weren’t anticipating this hopefully you will understand that, as aspects of the game change on the home straight, it is logical to hit reset so that all the scorecards, shot data and ghost balls correspond to the current playing conditions.



There was a fair amount of clamour for the classic turn-based multiplayer to be added to the online side of things. It might not have been part of our initial design philosophy for The Golf Club but, after seeing the desire for this way of playing with friends and rivals online, we looked into how we could implement it in a way that not only fit within the release timeline, but also was true to the vision of the async-multiplayer and we think we’ve found it. At any point you can enable “Turn Order” in the Pause menu and then you will immediately start obeying the stroke rules for closest to the hole, etc. You will also be able to see your friends taking their shots, and the game will wait until it is your turn for you to be offered your shot. At any point you can independently choose to turn this off and continue playing your round asynchronously just as before. We’d love to get your feedback on this online multiplayer mode so please jump into the forums and tell us what you think.


  • Introduced an automated drop on hitting the water.
  • Reskin the in game popup windows to be more streamlined across consoles and pc.
  • Added the ability to remove Ghost Balls on the pause menu, under the Change Rivals option.
  • Fixed bug where a Ghost Ball could sometimes get stuck on a penalty stroke.
  • Fixed bug where a Ghost Ball would sometimes fail to log a penalty stroke.
  • Fixed bug where a Live Ball would stop taking shots if the player finished before the Live Ball.
  • Added the ability to force Ghost Balls to play in stroke order in the pause menu – see Turn Order option in the Pause Menu.
  • Added the ability to force Live Balls to play in stroke order, as well as seeing their avatar – see Turn Order option in the Pause Menu.
  • Ghost Balls in Turn Order play will use the same avatar as the player that created the scorecard.
  • Fixed bug where the Pause Menu wouldn’t always populate correctly.
  • Choosing ‘Send Invite’ to a friend that is on the same course as you will add them to your game in addition to sending a message.
  • Messages received during a game will slide out under the scorecard. Hit Back/Select on the gamepad or click the Join Now text to join the senders game.
  • Live Balls will automatically replace Ghost Balls in the scorecard when they join if the scorecard is already full.
  • Updated fringe physics properties.
  • Added delete button call outs to Course Creator screens.
  • Gameplay (swing mechanic) tuning.
  • Pitch swing animation update.