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The Golf Club | January 28, 2023

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There will be a new Early Access build, version 0.7, available later today. We are primarily focused on bug fixing and optimisation on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the moment as we prepare the console builds for submission to first party. All bug fixes also apply to the PC build, though, and some console optimisation will also drift across. The big push on PC related performance and compatibility issues will happen once the console submission process is in hand. In the meantime, bug fixes will keep coming.


Key Fixes and Updates in v0.7

New Official Timed Tournament Added
TGC Summer Open is open for 3 days and it involves two rounds of Dr.Yetis’s frankly awesome Haunted Forest C.C. course. Results will be posted on the website next week.

Hole Overview Camera
The B button (or equivalent) now displays a blimp view of the hole with yardage markers every 50 yards.Now there are no excuses for misjudging that dogleg.

Rock object collision.
The ball now bounces off rocks, which rocks!

Improved Text Quality.
The smaller and thinner text was losing its edges. Not now.

Social Notifications Option
There is now a setting to turn these off should your friends’ superior performances be bothering you.

Shot Shaper Enhancements
We have improved the clarity of the gauge and also added the display of ranges on the grid. Remember that the impact on distance of a loft adjustment can go up or down.

GPU Performance improvements.
As noted above, some of the console optimisation is beneficial for the PC build. We love our children separately, but equally.

Vsync Display setting added.
The big question in PC gaming has been Vsync On or Vsync Off? Now you can play that game in The Golf Club. Turning it on will lock your game at 30fps or 60fps.

Tour Leaderboard fixes.
Now there is no claiming that you were pushed out of first place by a leaderboard bug.

Tour settings fixes.
No more tournaments played without the intended settings but Direwolves are still available.

Boring sounding things:
Fixed null reference exceptions in course creator when exiting the place way-point tool.
Fixed camera going out of focus and updating only the UI when sometimes entering the course creator on a new course.

Plus other minor fixes, polishing and tidying.


The Golf Club Dev Team