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The Golf Club | January 30, 2023

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The latest Early Access build of The Golf Club, version 0.9, will be available this evening. Bugs are constantly being fixed and features polished, thus, to list all the changes since the last build would take a while and not be particularly fascinating to read.

Instead, here’s a list of the key items:


  • Fixed turn order bugs
  • Fixed Tour rivals
  • Fixed bug where echos would be effected by the wrong wind when turn-order was turned on
  • Live friends will now be auto-added to your tour if they are on the same or later round/event
  • Fixed bug where an auto-added echo would cause an existing echo to stop updating the scorecard
  • Fixed bug where the game would sometimes get stuck when backing out of the Message Center
  • Fixed bug that occasionally prevented ‘X has started a new Course’ messages from showing in the MessageCenter
  • Fixed bug where golfer resets or hides when pausing mid-swing
  • Fixed bug where golfer foot doesn’t place properly on the ground on high terrain slopes
  • Updated animation control to have more responsive start of back-swing
  • Slight performance improvements