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The Golf Club | June 9, 2023

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Dev Diary: Consoles are Submitted

by Anthony Kyne, Producer

I’m happy to announce that we now have both the PS4 and Xbox versions of The Golf Club submitted to Sony and Microsoft respectively!

We’ve now got a week or so to wait until we hear back from them with regards to whether or not we are ready to hit the store.  It’s highly likely that we’ll get a report back with a few minor things that will need changing before we submit again, as this happens 90% of the time especially when working on a new generation of consoles.

While we’re waiting we’re going to focus on PC. Improving Keyboard and mouse controls being one of the big things to look at as well as continued optimisation.

The next couple of weeks are going to be pretty exciting and there are some big announcements on the horizon. One of which being the actual release date! Now that we’ve submitted we’re only a matter a weeks away– it’s just that defining the exact date is still a little hard until we receive final approval.

Now that we can take our foot off the pedal a little, we’re going to hit the real life golf course today for some well deserved relaxation and some cold beverages.

I’ll be tweeting from the course, @anthonykyne if you’re interested, and John will apparently be commentating all the way round with his foursome. So if we get some decent recordings we might upload that next week :-).

Have a great weekend.