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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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We thought it would be deserving to give some attention to all of the users that have scored aces on the official courses during the Early Access period so far. There had been 166 hole-in-ones on the official courses up to July 11th after tens of thousands of rounds on the 8 official courses released to date. Our beginner course, Little Brook Manor, and its flat greens accounts for almost half of them.

Crystal Lake Resort2
Eastcote House Nine Hole10
Knoll Down Golf Course5
Little Brook Manor70
Pinehurst River20
Sonoran Golf & Country Club25
Two Rivers Golf Club7
Yuma Desert Golf Club27


When it comes to the list of individual hole-in-ones on official courses there are some interesting tidbits. User wlc6181957 has the most aces with 4. RType grabbed one during their 34 over par round at Little Brook Manor and Viper softened the impact of their 21 over par score of 93 at Pinehurst River by notching one of only 20 aces ever scored on the course.


Course NameUsername
Crystal Lake ResortRobbyroy
Crystal Lake ResortRocketmaN39x
Eastcote House Nine Holed0n_hureTTe
Eastcote House Nine HoleDylan
Eastcote House Nine HoleeGInsane_Penquin
Eastcote House Nine HoleHeshan
Eastcote House Nine HoleLeadbelly
Eastcote House Nine HoleLONEWOLF
Eastcote House Nine HoleMaGnUmUs
Eastcote House Nine HoleMyagony
Eastcote House Nine Holenicomassoni
Eastcote House Nine Holerichardschlengerjr
Knoll Down Golf ClubCerberus
Knoll Down Golf ClubMarlowe
Knoll Down Golf Clubrichardschlengerjr
Knoll Down Golf ClubSassyWallofBones
Knoll Down Golf ClubYuki
Little Brook Manor.w4nTeD
Little Brook Manoraaron
Little Brook ManorAndreasW.
Little Brook ManorBan
Little Brook Manorbearhug
Little Brook ManorBejek
Little Brook Manorbrengy.68
Little Brook ManorBurdieBoy
Little Brook ManorChaz
Little Brook ManorChrondo
Little Brook Manorcritch
Little Brook Manorctf12
Little Brook ManorDank
Little Brook Manordaschoof
Little Brook Manordavidlee6867
Little Brook ManorDerMeister
Little Brook ManorDrunkmonkey
Little Brook Manorexodus6040
Little Brook ManorFidelCashflow
Little Brook Manorfizzo
Little Brook ManorFonze
Little Brook ManorFox
Little Brook Manorgazza
Little Brook Manorgazza
Little Brook Manorgeorge
Little Brook Manorgilbert.mugica
Little Brook Manorhaesy.007
Little Brook ManorHammer
Little Brook Manorhenning.theis
Little Brook Manorhuvind
Little Brook ManorIAmTheBat
Little Brook ManorIanC
Little Brook ManorInDaSkies
Little Brook ManorInDaSkies
Little Brook ManorInDaSkies
Little Brook ManorIronmanCB
Little Brook Manorjl2887
Little Brook Manorkarma4u
Little Brook ManorKast_Or
Little Brook Manorlezbro
Little Brook ManorLoomi
Little Brook ManorLupusLunae
Little Brook Manormanders_norstrom
Little Brook Manormav00r
Little Brook Manormjordantwo
Little Brook ManorMuhammeadBolt
Little Brook ManorMupsai
Little Brook Manormusicalnuke
Little Brook Manornovak0315
Little Brook ManorNoxStilez
Little Brook Manorpeeawa2
Little Brook ManorRavenSoule
Little Brook ManorRavenSoule
Little Brook ManorRType
Little Brook ManorSirPantsaLot
Little Brook ManorSpecterOutcast
Little Brook Manorsteve.p1983
Little Brook ManorStoke87
Little Brook Manorstr1413
Little Brook ManorSugaHanks
Little Brook Manorsunshine
Little Brook ManorTaroTamaSama
Little Brook Manortomgregan2
Little Brook ManorTonio_358
Little Brook ManorVeiled_Leia
Little Brook Manorwlc6181957
Little Brook Manorwlc6181957
Little Brook ManorXEHOUNDGOA
Little Brook Manoryelvert
Pinehurst RiverAndr
Pinehurst RiverBradSquared
Pinehurst Riverbrionne.brix
Pinehurst RiverCanardage
Pinehurst Riverchristianbrndm
Pinehurst Rivereagle311aTm
Pinehurst RiverElBlancos
Pinehurst Riverl2013johnson2009
Pinehurst Riverm3ryno
Pinehurst Rivermickcaspers
Pinehurst Rivermusicalnuke
Pinehurst Rivermusicalnuke
Pinehurst Riverpah80
Pinehurst Riverrobertsteward
Pinehurst Riversydhancock
Pinehurst Riversydhancock
Pinehurst RiverTAW_Hook
Pinehurst Rivertimwilsonuk
Pinehurst RiverViper
Pinehurst Riverzip
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubAndreasW.
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubbrionne.brix
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubCNGSasiFaz
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubDank
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubdavidlee6867
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubfringel
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubHAHredrobin347
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubhelfmyselp
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubjatkins01
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubMadJack
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubmeaty701
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubmjduane
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubmjduane
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubmrsims2007
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubollybobbles
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubPolybius
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubrgterry49
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubRHFilthyJoker
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubStarfleet
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubStoke87
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubTangoBravoGhost
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubtazershock
Sonoran Golf & Country Clubtomgregan2
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubTonyFlaco
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubVanda
Two Rivers Golf Clubbkj997
Two Rivers Golf Clubeoduxo
Two Rivers Golf ClubJohnWatmuff
Two Rivers Golf Clubron4710
Two Rivers Golf Clubtonygenest
Two Rivers Golf ClubWORLD
Two Rivers Golf ClubWSJohnson
Yuma Desert Golf ClubBear31462
Yuma Desert Golf ClubBiddlecombe
Yuma Desert Golf Clubbillytn1
Yuma Desert Golf Clubcheneyd2002
Yuma Desert Golf Clubdmeece75
Yuma Desert Golf ClubElro
Yuma Desert Golf ClubEXEBluntMan
Yuma Desert Golf ClubGreenhorn1337
Yuma Desert Golf Clubgreg5sb
Yuma Desert Golf ClubHamilton.R
Yuma Desert Golf Clubmagicman
Yuma Desert Golf ClubMartinJohnson
Yuma Desert Golf Clubmdeezy
Yuma Desert Golf Clubmspring212
Yuma Desert Golf ClubPoiju
Yuma Desert Golf ClubRHFilthyJoker
Yuma Desert Golf ClubRossiIRL
Yuma Desert Golf Clubstrider27230
Yuma Desert Golf Clubthewaiter
Yuma Desert Golf Clubtruckerkills
Yuma Desert Golf Clubtsmithdsi
Yuma Desert Golf ClubVenlaxar
Yuma Desert Golf Clubwlc6181957
Yuma Desert Golf Clubwlc6181957
Yuma Desert Golf ClubxMamba
Yuma Desert Golf ClubYuki
Yuma Desert Golf Clubzip