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The Golf Club | June 9, 2023

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Cross-Platform Sharing is a go!

Early on in development we knew we wanted to make cross-platform sharing a reality. We knew that players across different systems would want access to the same great library of courses as everyone else. Making courses available to everyone regardless of their chosen system seemed like the best way for everyone to get the most out of The Golf Club.

The challenge was always that in the past, restrictions surrounding sharing of content between different sets of users were quite strict, and we knew that we’d require a waiver in order to make it a reality. Well, after much discussion with the relevant parties – we can happily announce that cross-platform sharing will be present in The Golf Club at launch.

Users of any platform can play and download the courses from any other platform!

When you create and publish a course it will immediately be available to all members of The Golf Club regardless of the system you’re playing on. There are no special steps either as the person creating the course or downloading courses. They will simply appear in the list in the exact same way as any other course!

The only difference is that names of the creators of courses not native to your current platform will be displayed as “TGC Member” – this is to conform to a number of privacy and parental control regulations on the various platforms.

The other consequence of this is that currently each platform will still be logging their own set of scorecards and can only play live against people from their own platform. In the future we will be investigating ways that we can facilitate cross-platform leaderboards or selected ghost data in a way that makes sense without revealing off-platform user identities – but it’s something that needs to be carefully considered so that it’s actually a good experience. This also means that Tours+Tournaments are restricted to those within your own platform.

We hope that everyone in the community is as excited by this development as we are, including the fact that it will be available at launch! We had always wanted the vast array of great courses available to everyone and that this also represents a first-step to achieving a totally unified ecosystem in The Golf Club.