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The Golf Club | January 28, 2023

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The Golf Club dev team is glad to be able to deliver an Early Access build this evening. We have been focusing heavily on the console builds over the last few weeks as we prepared them for submission and now, having submitted them to first party, we are able to bring many of the fixes and enhancements over to the PC build.

A reminder that this is still an Early Access build. It is not a finished product and there are likely to be bugs and other issues still in the game. You can help us polish the PC build by reporting any issues you have particularly when it comes to performance. Whilst the console builds go through the first party submission process we will be looking closely at optimisation and compatibility on PC.


Early Access Build v1.0 Notes

Global Course Wind.
The wind is now unified across everyone’s games. There will be a Dev diary entry on this feature posted to the website over the next few days.

Surface Brushes (Fairway, Light Rough, Heavy Rough and Clear Generated Objects).
Take a look at the latest 2 tutorial videos to learn more about this new feature of the Greg Norman Course Designerpart one and part two.

Improved Dead-Zone control on non Xbox 360 controllers.
Our work here isn’t done so lots of feedback please.

Even faster loading times.

Fixed overpowered putts from the fringe.

Improved Greg Norman Course Creator tools and bug fixes.

Multiple fixes to live and ghost play.

Rivals now stored when resuming games.

Replay will use the correct golfer and sports multiple stability improvements.

Users not in game can receive invites.

Addressed excessive roll out on the green with certain clubs.

More variation in bunker lies.

Multiple Front End usability Improvements.

Plus much more that we can’t remember since the last update.