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The Golf Club | June 9, 2023

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The patch for the PlayStation 4 version is available in all territories after being approved by SCEA and SCEE. Below you will find the details for the patch. The Xbox One is still with Microsoft, who are overrun with submissions at the moment, and will hopefully be available by the end of the week. Sadly, it is out of our hands and we can only wait until they approve it.

Here’s what is in this PS4 update:

      • Extensive Network Interfacing Improvements
        Improving speed when connecting to servers and stopping time outs
      • Several Memory Leak IssuesImproved stability
        Improved frame rate
        Fixed crash that could occur if the user stayed on the main menu for an extended period of time.
      • Improved Performance
        Optimisations, to improve frame rate
      • Turn Based Multi-Player
        Sped up, so users are now not waiting 10 seconds between shots
        Fixed multiple issues where it would sometimes get stuck mid round
      • Greg Norman Course Designer
        A couple of low frequency crash bugs fixed
        Fixed issue with Carousel menu sometimes not showing the correct state, and improved flow going back and forward
        Links theme fixed so heavy rough wasn’t thought of as water
      • Tours and Tournament Flow changes
        Fixed multiple issues with the flow that was causing issues with restarting a tour
        Pop up implemented on Network fail requests
        Allow advance through tour cards
      • Animation
        Fixed a hard lock on female, left handed animation
        Fixed a couple of animation transitions
      • Physics
        Fixed spin decay bug that resulted in crazy behavior when the ball hit the pin. Added a cup physics material
        Fixed Tap in issue with Putts
      • Audio
        FMod Thread affinity fix
        Streamed audio optimised, so not to cause the odd frame rate issue
      • Achievements
        Fix for Lucky Number 7 Achievement (Broken when hitting water, and added test for at or above par as-per description)
      • Front End/Minor Fixes
        Replay bug, where ball would sometimes not always do what it did in the actual shot
        Fixed issue where putting details would be hidden behind players heads
        The ‘Auto Add Friends’ option in GameSettings will now work.
        The in-game scorecard will resize to fit the longest name.
        Improved the quality of the filters on the Select Rivals screen.
        Fix the disappearing of the scorecard title text when displaying the screen for a while.
        Removed the time and date on the message center (Unity didn’t support System Clock)
        Fix the inconsistent displaying of the message center on various screens.
        Remove unneeded texts on course detail screen during offline mode
        Fix the issue Player edit screen becomes too dark to see the player when the background course is in evening
        Fix up the flag marker for left handed mode
        Fix the longest hole out displaying number when user did not sink any from the green.
        Increased the limit for the length of the list when fetching data from database, so select course/tour/ and create course lists display correct number for certain filters
        Username Truncations issues
        Fixed scorecard and overview yardage discrepancy’s
        Fixed scorecard color issue when in tours.
        Fixed scout camera positioning issues
      • Various statistical / telemetry fixes.