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The Golf Club | June 9, 2023

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In real life, whilst we all dream of the ultimate reward for a great shot – the hole in one – the more realistic great shot for us all is holing out from off the green. Be it chipping in from 15 yards or watching a long 5 iron approach shot drop into the hole, they are all hugely exciting. In The Golf Club there have been thousands and thousands of hole outs so we thought we’d take a look at the longest ones on the official courses. Below is a table of 30 which incorporates the top ten from each platform. The longest, by tintin62680 on the 299 yard par 4 4th hole at Two Rivers, has quite the story. After slicing their drive into the water to the right of the fairway they took another drive from the tee and holed out. What a way to get a birdie!


The Longest Hole Outs On The official Courses as of 2nd October 2014
Course NameHole Out HoleUsernamePlatformLongest Hole-out (yds)
Two Rivers Golf Club4tintin62680PS4298.84
Pinehurst River5xD1g1talAn1malxXB1270.77
Yuma Desert Golf Club14NaStYPoThEaDXB1269.06
Yuma Desert Golf Club11ForeverYoungXB1268.16
Sonoran Golf & Country Club4T0NY HAYABUSAXB1266.95
Yuma Desert Golf Club11Speed 427XB1262.56
Eastcote House Nine Hole2DEATH TRAIN76XB1260.07
Yuma Desert Golf Club5ff nhamXB1259.64
Yuma Desert Golf Club14JohnnyBlue35XB1259.51
Little Brook Manor1FIGHTCLUB_66PS4259.07
Yuma Desert Golf Club14Wi11iams1989XB1258.4
Yuma Desert Golf Club6Soltero-x3PS4257.73
Pinehurst River18DNGRZNEXB1257.43
Craggy Island Links4gruenmandl281061PS4257.3
Little Brook Manor1Lightbridge16PS4256.7
Yuma Desert Golf Club5murphyadamPS4256.49
Two Rivers Golf Club6Wyer989PS4251.2
Yuma Desert Golf Club5wlc6181957PC251.1
Knoll Down Golf Club3rmaccariPS4250.27
Little Brook Manor8dM0NEY_02GTPS4249.81
Two Rivers Golf Club6wazmac_76PS4249.59
Pinehurst River14ixBabyFacePC249.13
Yuma Desert Golf Club5JimgemPC243.21
Little Brook Manor3L1nwelinPC239.85
Stone Reach Golf Links2BigTexPC224.46
Pinehurst River14mdavis2PC223.87
Sonoran Golf & Country Club13robbo1981PC220.88
Little Brook Manor3wlc6181957PC220.85
Pinehurst River14crosswordPC220.02
Little Brook Manor2ShaoTzoPC216.98