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The Golf Club | January 28, 2023

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Following on from the Longest Hole Outs telemetry post yesterday, we thought it would be interesting to review the Longest Putts so far on the official courses of The Golf Club on all platforms. The first table takes the ten longest putts on each platform and combines them in order of putt distance. Xbox One member blinkumissit tops the chart with an 84ft putt. As you can see, our beginner level course, Little Brook Manor, dominates the table due to its large flat greens designed specifically to make putting straightforward.


The Longest Putts on Official Courses Across All Platforms as of 2nd October 2014

CourseUserPlat.ScoreOver / UnderPuttsPPHLongest Putt (ft)
Little Brook ManorblinkumissitXB165-5311.7284.19
Little Brook ManorCOOTER BOYXB162-8281.5580.75
Little Brook ManorbendystashPS468-2311.7276.19
Little Brook ManorTAMW86PS460-10291.6172.68
Little Brook ManorVespa210erPS469-1331.8372.53
Little Brook ManortdfxPS41053554371.66
Little Brook Manorbig jasXB163-7281.5570.15
Little Brook Manorrw_shdwPS467-3251.3869.74
Little Brook ManorZIN4000XB165-5281.5569.69
Two Rivers Golf ClubBigZed88XB1382151.6669.1
Two Rivers Golf ClubClaystation4LIVEPS4404192.1168.22
Little Brook ManorLowland_ZuluPS464-6281.5567.75
Little Brook ManorIVORSMOOTHSHAFTXB152-18221.2266.72
Little Brook ManorSwissMochaDadPC700331.8366.22
Little Brook Manor3PC788372.0566.14
Little Brook ManorMIKE HAZE 4BXB1744331.8365.96
Pinehurst RiverBubbaGump241073PS48614382.1165.85
Little Brook ManorRoaringSmurf78XB158-12271.565.56
Little Brook ManorMAN IN BLACK 7XB155-15241.3365.36
Little Brook ManorSirDong2UXB158-12271.565.16
Little Brook ManorJackWestwoodPC1023236264.46
Pinehurst Riverchicodanio44PS410129372.0564.29
Little Brook ManorLMGCLars_MonsenPC10030452.563.83
Little Brook ManorgrcgchillyPC67-3301.6663.68
Little Brook Manorron4710PC63-7271.561.62
Little Brook Manorilborga70PC61-9271.559.86
Little Brook ManorFrancescoHuberPC10030402.2259.73
Little Brook ManorGomotoPC8313331.8358.33
Pinehurst RiverSpookyPetePC8210311.7258.19


What with Little Brook Manor’s rather friendly greens dominating the telemetry we thought it would be useful to see how the chart looks without that course included. Thus, with this second table, Little Brook Manor scorecards have been removed.


The Longest Putts on Official Courses Excluding Little Brook manor Scorecards

CourseUserPlat.ScoreOver / UnderPuttsPPHLongest Putt (ft)
Two Rivers Golf ClubBigZed88XB1382151.6669.1
Two Rivers Golf ClubClaystation4LIVEPS4404192.1168.22
Pinehurst RiverBubbaGump241073PS48614382.1165.85
Pinehurst Riverchicodanio44PS410129372.0564.29
Stone Reach Golf LinksSquarewaveRomeoXB1743341.8862.53
Craggy Island LinksSkunkBud68XB110836321.7762.34
Pinehurst RiverVictorinhoEngXB11174536260.98
Atacama Country ClubLeamSpacemanPS411846623.4460.62
Stone Reach Golf LinksDon TravelerXB1798261.4459.67
Pinehurst RiverZafrada__CLPS49422341.8859.63
Two Rivers Golf ClubFr0styCaNaDiAnXB1371141.5559.53
Two Rivers Golf ClubbillzzyboiXB135-1161.7758.99
Pinehurst RiverjdunniganXB18210341.8858.53
Pinehurst RiverSpookyPetePC8210311.7258.19
Two Rivers Golf ClubLEEROY-DJGTPS432-4131.4458.19
Pinehurst RiverGhoreGatorPC742281.5557.31
Pinehurst RiverASSASSIN-666304PS410937392.1657.26
Yuma Desert Golf Clubanto347XB1732341.8857.25
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubTH3 K1D Kal ELXB1764331.8357.01
Atacama Country ClubYaKoStar_PS4819321.7756.54
Pinehurst RiverLedus_keksPS469-3271.556.14
Sonoran Golf & Country ClubRocK-4evPS471-1331.8355.95
Pinehurst RiversifumgbPC8210341.8855.09
Pinehurst Riveridunno.....lolPC786321.7753.09
Pinehurst River66Pierre66PC8614341.8853.04
Stone Reach Golf Linksjtee1PC732291.6152.27
Yuma Desert Golf Clubjason_murneyPC66-5231.2751.75
Yuma Desert Golf ClubMergencyPC809321.7751.49
Pinehurst RiverFalconPC9018321.7751.38
Yuma Desert Golf ClubSpookPC9019472.6150.16