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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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We are very pleased to announce that the first feature update for The Golf Club has been approved by Microsoft and Sony and is now available across all three platforms, PS4, Xbox One and PC. A list of feature additions, tweaks and enhancements is below.

 Update contents:

*New Greg Norman Course Designer Theme – Boreal
*Backgrounds can now be changed in Greg Norman Course Designer
*Three backgrounds of varying height now available for all themes
*New Easy to Medium skill level Official Course – Black Brook Golf Course
*New Medium skill level official course for Boreal Theme – Flathead County Golf Club
*Ability to Scroll between Clubs the other way, Putter to Driver
*A set of New Cameras
*Added ability to cycle cameras in real-time during shot set-up (Off-swing stick click on controller, ‘V’ on keyboard)
*Added option to remove reticule
*Ability to toggle off follow-cam. Can initiate in real-time by pressing ‘A’ (Xbox controller) or ‘X’ (PS Controller)
*Remove User Ratings from Official courses
*Three new official tournaments
*Separate the HB Official and Suggested courses to improve content discovery (to be implemented in server update soon)
*Remove Official Courses from the Public Course Lists to improve content discovery (to be implemented in server update soon)
*In-Game Pause Menu, Scorecard, Leaderboards should all show under/over along with total score – e.g. 48 (-5)
*Commentary additions and improvements
*Ability to play rivals in all rounds of Tours/Tournaments
*Only show “Bested” Messages if it is a score that beats the players record, as well as the users
*Add Pin-Height, relative to cursor, in real time in GNCD
*Tree lighting and culling fixes
*Added a ‘Personal Rounds’ filter to rivals screen, taking first ghost ball from the top of that list
*Added ‘Suggested Opponents’ to rivals filter
*10-20% overall performance improvement
*Wind tuning and gust support
*Improvements to speed in which you appear in the leaderboards
*Career screen improvements
*Mouse Swing Improvements – Remove Dead Zone
*New keyboard shortcuts for club selection (Number keys, including ~ and +, to quick select clubs)