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The Golf Club | January 28, 2023

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This week has been a tough one, one by one each member of the team is being hit with a cold/flu virus that is going around the East Coast of Canada. Not ideal but it’s the time of year when these kind of things happen.

Although progress has slowed it hasn’t stopped and we’ve managed to keep improving areas of the game for Feature Update 2. Earlier this week, we reviewed the work completed since Feature Update 1 and found that we’d fixed nearly 200 issues that had been reported by Adam, the rest of the QA team and the community. These issues don’t include the new features either, so our progress is moving at quite a pace even through the sickness.

Jim’s been putting the finishing touches to the new theme that we’ll be releasing with Update 2, it’s called…… Drum roll!!!!!!!…… “Countryside”, it’s got a very rustic English feel to it and should open up a few more possibilities for creating UK based courses, which I’m personally excited about as my ‘in development’ masterpiece, Ballykyne Country Club, will be much improved with this theme. We are working on a couple of Official Courses for the new update as well – one with Countryside and one with the Boreal Theme – so I’m looking forward to seeing your ghosts out on the course.

Countryside Theme

A first look at The Golf Club’s Countryside Theme.


Paul has been busy working away on a few of the requests members have had on the forums. The two that spring to mind at the moment being the ability to add and remove the ball washer and golf bag from the tee’s and the ability to change the design of the tee boxes (videos below). It’s just something else that will give your creations a little more individualism.



He’s also started work on a multi-object placement tool that will allow you to place multiple flower, grass, tree, etc objects in an area rather than having to place each one individually. Something else a lot of the communities course designers have been requesting.

The Handicap system is moving along nicely as well, the team have said they will have it in a state that I can start looking at it next week. So I’m quite excited about it, I must say. It also means I’ll be able to go into a little more detail in next week’s diary update.

Finally last week I opened up the debate about the Straight Shooters, and what a debate! 23 pages of thoughts, with each post giving a firm view on it. We’re taking this feedback seriously and now we’ll have to sit down as a team and decide what to do in the short term and long term. It is certain that the debate will be as strong in the studio as it was on forums.

Until next week