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The Golf Club | January 28, 2023

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PAR 4 HOLE IN ONES Telemetry

This week’s snippet of telemetry focuses on the rarest of the rare – a hole in one on a par 4. Invariably these are hit with a driver, need a decent run at the hole and a ton of good fortune. Despite numerous hole in ones, no one on The Golf Club team has managed one on a par 4 so we can only imagine the feeling as the ball drops. Looking at the list below, the ace scored by Xbox One TGC member GaryShaw25, hopefully named after the sometimes great Aston Villa centre forward, on the 12th at Crystal Lake Resort stands out. That is a tough hole (pictured) to birdie let alone ace. To do the latter you have to take on the water with your driver which will only carry with a bit of a tailwind, land on a fairly narrow green with the penalty of more water the other side if you don’t hit the pin. Very impressive.

Aces on Par 4s

The Par 4 12th at Crystal Lake Resort


Also notable is the longest ace on a par 4 at 365 yards by PS4 TGC member l234567890047 followed by a 355 yard hole in one on the 14th at Harbor Island Black by Xbox One TGC member tylergranger89.


Par 4 Hole in Ones on Official or Suggested Courses
Course NameUsernamePlatformHoleHole Length (Yds)
Crystal Lake ResortGaryShaw25xb112345
Little Brook ManorBOOZERsteam14275
Little Brook Manorpastapadreps414275
Little Brook Manorrazor877xb114275
Little Brook Manorchosen54favorxb114275
Little Brook ManorShuhDonksteam14275
Little Brook ManorSlowhands123ps414275
Little Brook ManorDEADGRASS1ps414275
Little Brook Manorjaijaips414275
Little Brook ManorKillaShihtzu OAxb114275
Little Brook ManorAusterKubus7641xb114275
Little Brook ManorROYALFLUSH157ps414275
Little Brook ManorMAJOR-KIKI724ps414275
Little Brook ManorS0uthw3ll_ps414275
Yuma Desert Golf ClubNastyfatJelly38xb12325
Yuma Desert Golf ClubSteady29ps417295
Yuma Desert Golf ClubBradders71xb117295
Yuma Desert Golf ClubGraffixkidxb117295
Yuma Desert Golf ClubPAPAG30RG10ps417295
Yuma Desert Golf Clubsuffolkram90xb117295
Yuma Desert Golf ClubVetisOps417295
Yuma Desert Golf ClubIcelegend1986xb117295
Yuma Desert Golf ClubFANTCHExb117295
Yuma Desert Golf ClubLesCalliersteam17295
Yuma Desert Golf Clubwallislegendps417295
Yuma Desert Golf ClubOlbluiiissteam17295
Yuma Desert Golf Clubbmws2000ps417295
Yuma Desert Golf Clubslimevanps417295
Yuma Desert Golf Clubass_9ps417295
Yuma Desert Golf Clubrob604607ps417295
Yuma Desert Golf ClubDammLuckyps417295
Yuma Desert Golf Clubmickbubbamackps417295
The Secret Of Giza - CDCl234567890047ps45365
Kings Island Links (New Course)Hoppipollasteam13297
Bluff ValleyGOGNATSxb14263
Bluff ValleyPAULMUFC92xb14263
Bluff ValleyCussingOnexb14263
Bluff ValleyBLAKMAXXxb14263
Bluff Valleykengtps44263
Bluff ValleySNEAKY-SNIPER-69ps44263
Bluff ValleyKILLU4Ups44263
Bluff ValleyURC SAMYxb14263
Bluff ValleyHighlander985ps44263
Bluff ValleyCAPTAN INSANOxb14263
Bluff Valleyjmonster0910ps44263
Bluff ValleyMotownBradps44263
Bluff ValleyJHeath08ps44263
Bluff ValleyWhiteBOYCIE65xb111325
Bluff ValleyiB WiLDxb111325
Castle CreekxMambasteam1295
Harbor Island Blacktylergranger89xb114355