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The Golf Club | January 30, 2023

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As we’re coming towards Christmas, the pressure is really on to get the Handicap feature finished so that we can submit Feature Update 2 to Sony and Microsoft. I’ve been playing it all week and it’s working just as you’d expect. To get this right with little need for balancing was great. Jordan, Mitchell, Bryan and Peipei have done a great job. The only things we’ve been working on now are display issues, getting it presented in a way that isn’t confusing players new to the Handicap system while also showing the actual ins and outs of the feature. It’s coming along nicely, though, and it’s looking good for submission next week. After talking to Microsoft and Sony, if we achieve that then it will hopefully be available the weekend before Christmas.

I’ve played a few rounds of Stableford this week, as well. It’s always been my preferred method of play in real life because it doesn’t punish you for a couple of blow out holes, so I was desperate to play it in The Golf Club. It works really well, especially with my +1 Handicap. The risk I took to get a birdie on the SI 18, 18th on Black Brook, to save par with my Handicap was not only a thrill but also ended up with me hitting a double bogey!

Paul has managed to work a little bit of magic in the course creator giving you the ability to change the colour of the Tee Markers. A nice little addition that didn’t take long to implement but will add a little more originality to your designs.

We’ve tweaked the AI on shot suggestions as well, the biggest culprit of our annoyance being the club selection on chipping. This has reduced the amount of club swapping you’re finding yourself doing when you get around the green.

Finally the Course Design Competition we ran with Todays Golfer and Golf World has closed. Keep an eye out on Twitter to see some of the entrants’ courses. We’ll be posting screenshots over the week.

Sorry for this Dev Diary being a bit brief but I’m spending all my time reducing my handicap.

Until next week