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The Golf Club | August 12, 2022

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We spent last weekend finalising the Handicap system, polishing, tweaking and ironing out some last minute bugs with Feature Update 2. That little push got us into Sony and Microsoft on Tuesday and the team can now take a breath and start to focus on the big spring update that will be based around career mode. We might slip in a small, free feature update between then and now but our focus is very much going to be on the career mode.

Having submitted the build to both Microsoft and Sony this week means that the update ‘should’, assuming all goes well, be available for download the weekend before Christmas. Steam TGC members will be able to access the update as soon as it has been approved by first party. Hopefully, while you’re stuffed full of Turkey on Christmas Day we can provide you with the opportunity to work it off with a few rounds trying to improve your handicap. Please remember that it is out of our hands now, though.

We are really, really happy with where the Handicap system is at. It is going to open up the game and bring the excellent Tournament system much more to the fore. Tournaments are fantastic when you can play against players of a similar skill level to your own but they have shown to be less appealing when you are faced with a leaderboard that you just can’t compete with. Handicaps will change all that. It is still possible to create and play in tournaments where Handicaps are ignored but we are confident that most people will want to play in Handicap adjusted competitions.

Dev Diary

My Stats – Handicap screen

Last Friday, I played a round against Peter and Dylan (our head of IT). These are 2 people that I’d normally not play against because they’re not putting the hours in that I do, so aren’t quite as good and give me no real competition. Dylan had a Handicap of 19, Peter 6 and myself +2. So basically I’m giving Dylan 21 shots  and Peter 8. I had a very average round, for my standards, and Dylan had a very good round for his. Normally I’d still have won, but with the handicap system Dylan actually won. Following that, I went back and played against Dylan’s ghost several times, until I did beat him and Dylan, in turn, went and found other ghosts of mine on other courses to compete against, because finally he had some competition. I’m really happy as I think we’ve added something that will make the game even more competitive.

This update is really sizeable. As well as the Handicap System there will be the brand new Theme, Stableford rules, a bunch of additions to the Greg Norman Course Designer, lots of optimization and enhancement plus close to three hundred bug fixes.We are confident you will be very happy with the extra content and it is all for free. Can’t complain about that, right?

Moving forward, Peter, Jordan and myself sat down on Tuesday and fleshed out the final pieces of the career mode/progression which we’ll be working on for the next few months. We’ve got lots of great ideas. A sense of progression is something that we are keen to add to the game in the long term and the Handicap system has gone someway to address that but with this other set of features we’re hoping to push things even further.

It’s been a great year for The Golf Club, it will be even more exciting to see where we are come the spring.