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The Golf Club | January 28, 2023

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A happy new year to everyone out there. It was great to see all the scorecards being logged over the holidays, in particular on the winter courses. We were going to remove those courses from the Official list straight after christmas but, because they proved really popular, we’ve left them where they are for now. Especially as we have just had our first major snowfall here in Nova Scotia and the temperature has dropped. (23 degrees centigrade in one day…from 9 degrees to -13!!) They seem apt.

The impact of Feature Update 2 has been fascinating to see. There has been a lot of discussion around the handicap system. We are really pleased with how it has worked out and will be analysing it further over the next month or so to if it needs a tweak or two to soften the ‘plus’ handicaps. Using the real world calculation for handicaps is great in practice but a slight failing is that video game golf is a very different world in that the stronger golfers play at a level of consistency which isn’t, currently, humanly possible. Thus, the handicap for the strong golfers can look a little daunting on difficult courses. We will be taking a look at this.

The Countryside Theme is something we are, also, really happy with. It is a quite stunning looking environment and it is great to see that member created courses have started to appear in the database. We will be adding a couple to the suggested list very soon. There are more themes to come and, at some point, we will upgrade the original themes to bring them into line with what we learned developing Boreal and Countryside. We will also make the Winter Theme available in the Greg Norman Course Designer along the way once we get a moment to hook all the assets to the UI.

2014 was a great year for The Golf Club and 2015 looks like bringing more of the same. We are really excited about the plans for the game and the opportunities that are opening up over the next six months. Our focus will be going towards the career mode for the next few months but first we are putting the finishing touches to a small patch that will address a few bugs and make some tweaks to the new features added with Feature Update 2. It will hopefully be submitted to first party tomorrow. We’ve implemented some tweaks and enhancements to Tournament presentation, fixed some issues with local Match Play, fixed a couple of crashes and a bunch of presentation bugs plus tweaked some of the wood-based assets in the Greg Norman Course Designer such as benches and bridges. The main driving force was to fix a GNCD crash that was a little annoying but we also took the opportunity to sneak in some other polishing. A full list of areas covered will be published once the patch is released.

The Development Team