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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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It’s been another hectic week here at HB Studios as always. Season Mode implementation is coming to an end and everyone is playing the build and ironing out the little issues they find. We’ve had a very strange bug that has kept Devon and John busy most of this week, where the leaderboards tell you you’re in one position but John’s commentary would tell you that you’re in a different position. It took a lot of hunting to find it but some late night pizza from one of our fabulous restaurants in Lunenburg cleared their minds and it seems to be fixed now.

Bryan had to break the save game feature for a bug fix in another area which in turn broke all my progress in Season Mode. I was very disappointed to say the least. My career at that point was going swimmingly but now I’m going to have to start again. And you guys think making games is easy! :)

Josh has put in a few late nights this week as well, getting the final art for the Season Mode in place. Here are the descriptions we’ll be using for the 5 seasons we have for release, just to give you a bit of a taster.


Season Logo Season Name Season Description
 DevDiary Local Club Season Compete against players from your local club. The events are staged at forgiving courses and the opposition strength is of a good local amateur standard. This is the place to cut your teeth.
 DevDiary Amateur Season You’ll be competing against the best amateurs around the world on a combination of challenging courses and others that are more forgiving. Winning here will open the gate to pitting yourself against the Pros.
 DevDiary Pro Am Season Challenge yourself against a combination of professional and top amateur players on courses of varying difficulty. A good season here will elevate you into the Pro Tour.
 DevDiary Pro Season The Pro Season is a tough tour against top quality opposition on tough courses. You’ll need to be at your best to break into the elite list of players.
 DevDiary Elite Season This is where the best of the best are playing. To be crowned the #1 golfer you will need to play at the highest standard consistently on tough courses. Have you got what you need to be #1?


Moving forward, I want to make the Dev Diary a little more than just an update of what we’ve been up to in the previous 7 days so I’m going to start something new this week. Each week I’m going to announce 3 new courses that will be added to the suggested course list that week.  After the announcement I’ll also create a tour with the 3 of them in it, which will be playable for a week and then I’ll announce the winners in the next week’s Dev Diary.

I’m going to play in these tours as well and I’m in it to win it! So watch out for me on the leaderboards.

To start it off, this week’s courses are:

  • Gewella Golf Club by mikemike3000
  • The Par 3 World Championship at TGC Stadium by ProjectM4yhem23
  • Loon Lake State Park Par 3 by Cally

They’re amazing courses, well worth a play.

Last week I did promise that I’d have some announcements this week but unfortunately I can’t mention them today.  We will have a couple of news posts up on the website in the next couple of days though. Sorry for the delay on this but it’s out of our hands.

Until next week,