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The Golf Club | June 9, 2023

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The Harvest Theme is an addition to the Greg Norman Course Designer through The Golf Club‘s third update which arrives late February / early March 2015. It is the eighth Theme, coming after The Countryside Theme, The Alpine ThemeThe Rural ThemeThe Links ThemeThe Desert ThemeThe Autumn Theme and The Boreal Theme. Themes are the various environments that the Greg Norman Course Designer uses when creating a course and describe the terrain, the flora, the fauna, the water, the tees, the fairways, the rough, the greens and the surrounding land.

Harvest Theme

Teeing off in the Harvest Theme.



Harvest means the time of year when crops are ripe and ready to be gathered and this Theme is set in the period after that and just before the traditional North American Thanksgiving celebrations. It has some ‘tree’ influence from The Countryside Theme but, whereas that Theme was based in England, this Theme is very much based in the north east of North America.

Harvest Theme

The deciduous trees are fairly dense and the wild grasses prominent in this Theme.



The woods in this Theme very much consist of hardwood trees with aspen, hickory, maple and poplar dominating and birch, oaks and willows filling in the gaps. Tree coverage is very similar to the Autumn Theme but with denser long grasses and shrubs plus late blooming flowers.

Harvest Theme

The light rough, heavy rough and fairway in the Harvest Theme.



The terrain is quite soft so there won’t be a great deal of run on the fairways but they won’t be as sluggish as the Autumn Theme. The rough, whilst thinner than the Rural Theme, will be quite unpredictable as it could be damp in places. Getting in amongst the thick stands of large trees won’t be much fun either.

Harvest Theme

A green surrounded by the beautiful colours of fall.



The greens will be fairly slow and receptive so you should be able to land the ball close to the hole and not see it run too far past. On the downside the wind will, generally, be quite strong which is normal for this time of year in the region.


The Harvest Theme provides some quite stunning scenery.

Harvest Theme

Skies have a few more clouds than other Themes but this helps to blend the array of colours.