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The Golf Club | January 30, 2023

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TGC Pro AM Championship Results

TGC Pro AM Championship Results

The courses that made up the TGC Pro Am Championship proved to be great hosts for the members who stepped up to the challenge of this 14 event tour over its month-long tenure. The Handicap System was used for scoring for this tour which provided us some great information on where the system is tracking, and will help us to identify how and where the Handicap System can improve.

There was a nice spread of wins across the top 5 players in the tour. The clear champion across all three platforms was the vibrantly named f91898 on PS4 who ranked 1st in 5 of the 14 events. Congratulations, f91898!


TGC Pro AM Championship – Top 50
RankUsernameWinsTop 10sTop 20sOver/UnderPlatform
35Young Fledge01169XB1


While f91898’s rounds may not seem the most consistent—with relatively poorer scores for events 7, 13 and 14—they did manage to pull out 5 wins, which was enough to bump them to the top of the tour leaderboard. It’s worth noting that f91898 was also one of only two members to stay in the top 20 for all 14 events. Joining f91898 on that front was fellow PS4 member superkael.


TGC Pro AM Championship – Winners’s Rounds
EventCourse NameParScoreOverunderFIR %GIR %Save %SavesBunkers HitPuttsPPHLongest Drive (yds)Avg Drive (yds)Longest Hole-out (yds)Longest Putt (ft)
1Stone Reach Golf Links7171E71.4261.1133.3314301.66306.02276.7926.3224.86
2Flathead County Golf Club7267-578.5761.1110011251.38304.15269.89–25.62
3Great Tottington Golf Club7276471.4261.1133.3313382.11310.71283.27–17.64
4Atacama Country Club7269-392.8555.5510022301.66294.74284.575.6816.24
5Black Brook Golf Course7269-378.5772.2210022321.77294.28263.64–13.79
6The Oaks at Westchester7267-592.8583.3310011331.83299.22274.17–11.15
7Crystal Lake Resort72821057.1444.442015271.5296.33274.55–15.51
8Flin Flon Golf Club7274271.4238.8866.6623291.61308.86278.68–18.93
9Pilansburg Golf and Fish Club7265-771.4266.6610022281.55305.51281.13–11.49
10Sonoran Golf & Country Club7266-685.7161.1110022281.55309.48284.73–18.43
11Knoll Down Golf Club7269-371.4255.552514301.66318.92272.95–21.09
12Craggy Island Links7277592.8555.555012341.88298.09277.39–18.87
13Centennial Oak Golf Club - Championship70801071.4255.555012331.83301.46279.62–21.18
14World Match Play Championship72891784.6150004362291.72275.96–26.34


The TGC Pro Am Championship saw a whopping 39 holes-in-one. Impressive! As to be expected, every ace was scored on a par 3 hole. Over 40% of the holes-in-one scored during the tour can be attributed to two courses: Great Tottington Golf Club and Flathead County Golf Club. These two courses tied for the highest ace output at 8 each. The most generous hole on the tour was #12 on Great Tottington Golf Club which gave up 6 (15.4%) of the holes-in-one scored during the tour. If you’re looking to land the Ace achievement or trophy that hole might be your ticket.
We’ll finish of this hole-in-one review with shout outs to PS4 members GSM1960 and GeeF_LFC85. Both of these golfers managed to walk away from the TGC Pro Am Championship with two holes-in-one.


TGC Pro AM Championship – Holes In One
UsernameCourse NameHoleParPlatform      
GeeF_LFC85Centennial Oak Golf Club - Championship113ps4
GeeF_LFC85Great Tottington Golf Club123ps4
jfmg8384Atacama Country Club83ps4
YUKON_74Centennial Oak Golf Club - Championship53ps4
carpet_man54Centennial Oak Golf Club - Championship173ps4
Robdog001Crystal Lake Resort173ps4
GregKohlerFlathead County Golf Club23ps4
lukeyzade8Flathead County Golf Club63ps4
tamper21Flathead County Golf Club123ps4
itayapc15Flin Flon Golf Club143ps4
t8rsldGreat Tottington Golf Club123ps4
coach1472Great Tottington Golf Club123ps4
pbodskiGreat Tottington Golf Club123ps4
drperry16Great Tottington Golf Club123ps4
pizza403Great Tottington Golf Club123ps4
mikiborgesGreat Tottington Golf Club83ps4
nicoiva83Great Tottington Golf Club153ps4
weeemaxiPilansburg Golf and Fish Club83ps4
skrymir2000Pilansburg Golf and Fish Club83ps4
Sothpaw21Sonoran Golf & Country Club123ps4
cliff80701Sonoran Golf & Country Club173ps4
ggrjar332Sonoran Golf & Country Club73ps4
huggyAVFC-ownsUStone Reach Golf Links123ps4
PhantomKnight71Stone Reach Golf Links53ps4
GMS1960Atacama Country Club83xb1
GMS1960Flathead County Golf Club23xb1
bundyt71Black Brook Golf Course43xb1
PoodinPantsBlack Brook Golf Course83xb1
garth1962Flathead County Golf Club23xb1
CaptainCarrot71Flin Flon Golf Club143xb1
To MorteyPilansburg Golf and Fish Club173xb1
TacticalGoonerXSonoran Golf & Country Club123xb1
HydrofomeStone Reach Golf Links53xb1
KimNedergaardStone Reach Golf Links173xb1
WalterLivesThe Oaks at Westchester93xb1
cjacksonFlathead County Golf Club23steam
philsterFlathead County Golf Club63steam
EnzoFlathead County Golf Club63steam
GoombadaStone Reach Golf Links123steam


Next up we’ll take a look at the Top 25 Longest Hole Outs (not including holes-in-one). TGC PS4 member almaguard takes the top spot on this board with a gargantuan hole-out distance of 257 yards using their Three Wood on Hole 14 of Pilansburg Golf and Fish Club.


TGC Pro AM Championship – Longest Hole Outs
UsernameLongest Hole-out (yds)Course NameHoleClubPlatform
almaguard257.18Pilansburg Golf and Fish Club14Three Woodps4
hisz_angel254.44Pilansburg Golf and Fish Club14Three Woodps4
jcSLAYERS LIVE253.57Flathead County Golf Club7Three Woodxb1
STOberg1622241.25World Match Play Championship18Five Woodps4
Beautybay240.19Stone Reach Golf Links6Three Woodps4
frekkin234.11Stone Reach Golf Links6Three Woodps4
jbe64230217.48Centennial Oak Golf Club - Championship10Five Woodps4
GeeF_LFC85213.34Knoll Down Golf Club18Three Ironps4
Qunnappa209Knoll Down Golf Club18Three Ironxb1
superkael200.18Centennial Oak Golf Club - Championship18Three Ironps4
MrBigHAIRY42188.47Crystal Lake Resort10Five Ironps4
lawless74183.18Knoll Down Golf Club11Six Ironps4
N8_1983181.12Stone Reach Golf Links10Five Ironps4
FOG-Moose180.18Stone Reach Golf Links8Five Ironps4
BIOSHOCKguy175.53Stone Reach Golf Links13Five Ironps4
The GaBBstAR170.32Crystal Lake Resort8Six Ironxb1
Red-Dopey11168.4The Oaks at Westchester13Seven Ironps4
icantdrag168.39Centennial Oak Golf Club - Championship3Seven Ironps4
Bankson44165.77Great Tottington Golf Club16Eight Ironps4
MickelsonFan1164.73The Oaks at Westchester10Seven Ironps4
jonekols164.21The Oaks at Westchester10Seven Ironps4
PATBAU162.9Atacama Country Club11Seven Ironxb1
Garinou789161.99Great Tottington Golf Club10Seven Ironps4
itayapc15161Great Tottington Golf Club16Five Ironps4
mickyb71157.19Great Tottington Golf Club5Eight Ironxb1


TGC PS4 member cembreus nabbed the top spot on the Longest Putt leaderboard with over a yard to spare. The top 5 longest putts were all scored on Hole 7 of Stone Reach Golf Links. Expectedly, that hole has a relatively forgiving green for a links course.


TGC Pro AM Championship – Longest Putts
UsernameLongest Putt (ft)Course NameHolePlatform
cembreus52.9Stone Reach Golf Links7ps4
itayapc1549.76Stone Reach Golf Links7ps4
patty-lu47.49Stone Reach Golf Links7ps4
bhere9946.88Stone Reach Golf Links7xb1
THE_WAGONATOR44.71Stone Reach Golf Links7ps4
INTOtheDARKiGO47.46Black Brook Golf Course7xb1
Gameheart45.22Black Brook Golf Course7ps4
byunk145.1Black Brook Golf Course7xb1
LloydChristmas57.75Stone Reach Golf Links2steam
goblues3048.58Black Brook Golf Course15ps4
Demolition D48.27Black Brook Golf Course15xb1
donnies_dope47.73Stone Reach Golf Links2ps4
MadRick0946.11Atacama Country Club14xb1
Relgstorm45.01Atacama Country Club14ps4
I_cAn_PuTT_52Sonoran Golf & Country Club2ps4
drsgamer151.88The Oaks at Westchester14ps4
Scalia0847.74Stone Reach Golf Links9ps4
GeeF_LFC8546.7Centennial Oak Golf Club - Championship8ps4
gaddsey201046.29Stone Reach Golf Links5ps4
Treddy46.06Flathead County Golf Club3steam
crankshaft-4345.62Atacama Country Club11ps4
Mrac The Redard44.96Stone Reach Golf Links8xb1
itayapc1544.87World Match Play Championship17ps4
juntao8744.85Stone Reach Golf Links17ps4
verraires44.26Atacama Country Club17ps4


Whoa! Look at those drive distances. The top player, bhere99 squeezed into 1st by only 0.17 yards. That’s just over 6 inches. There’s some interesting grouping going on here too: Hole 15 on Stone Reach Golf Links accounts for 48% of the longest drive in the top 25 of the tour. The deceptively-sloped 15th on Flin Flon Golf Club was home for the top 5, and a total of 28% of the drives on this list. The hole seems quite flat when viewed from the tee, but between the tee and landing zone the elevation change is about -45ft.


TGC Pro AM Championship – Longest Drives
UsernameLongest Drive (yds)Course NameHolePlatform
bhere99344.59Flin Flon Golf Club15xb1
Bur311344.42Flin Flon Golf Club15xb1
Beautybay344.23Flin Flon Golf Club15ps4
killahshogun344.07Flin Flon Golf Club15xb1
hisz_angel343.66Flin Flon Golf Club15ps4
PierricK1973343.59Stone Reach Golf Links15ps4
Jaybogs2000343.35Flin Flon Golf Club6xb1
paulvale2011342.89Flin Flon Golf Club15ps4
Kerrso342.29Stone Reach Golf Links15ps4
scitmon342.09Flin Flon Golf Club15xb1
COCHRANE-82341.38Stone Reach Golf Links15ps4
Noddyspal2341.03Black Brook Golf Course1xb1
drperry16340.6Flin Flon Golf Club13ps4
joudrey35339Stone Reach Golf Links15ps4
GroundsZilla338.64Stone Reach Golf Links15xb1
bushwhacker89338.61Stone Reach Golf Links15xb1
totes007337.65Stone Reach Golf Links15ps4
COBRA201266337.08Stone Reach Golf Links15xb1
TheEnforcerx2336.7Black Brook Golf Course2xb1
Lifted_Chevy32336.39Stone Reach Golf Links15ps4
WholeFNJoe336.28Black Brook Golf Course2ps4
GeeF_LFC85336.15Stone Reach Golf Links15ps4
superjp96336Stone Reach Golf Links15ps4
asstastick01336Atacama Country Club1ps4
AULDY83335.94Stone Reach Golf Links15ps4


Finally we’ll finish this report off with our pick for Round of the Tour.

The TGC Pro Am Championship Round of the Tour goes to TGC Steam member npoms for their round on Flathead County Golf Club.

We picked this round not only because it had one of the best gross over/under scores of all the rounds played in the tour with 16–under, but also because of their flawless putting accuracy. That Putt-Per-Hole of 0.94 was with no doubt due to the phenomenal accuracy on their approach shots as well—there are some short putts on there. Great work, npoms!


TGC Pro AM Championship – Round of the Tour
HoleHole ParScoreOver / UnderTee-Shot Distance (yds)FIRGIRPuttsPutt Distance (ft) 


Thanks to all who participated in The TGC Pro Am Championship, of course, thanks to the community of designers whose courses help to make this tour and The Golf Club really shine.

In order of appearance:

Reebdoog (Steam) – Designer of The Oaks at Westchester

CSUGolfer69 (Steam) – Designer of Pilansburg Golf and Fish Club

jwfickett (Steam) – Designer of Centennial Oak Golf Club – Championship


See you all on the next tour!