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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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March Update

March Update

Microsoft surprised us on Friday night and passed the build. So unexpected was this that I was actually out for dinner with friends when I got the email. I decided that getting the build out for the weekend without build notes would be better than making you wait another weekend without it. If you managed to get a few rounds in over the weekend, I hope you liked it. I’ve already seen some great looking courses using the new Harvest Theme.

Below is the list of what we worked on for this update:

• Harvest Theme
• Wooden Steps (A few variations)
• New Fairway Brush shapes
• Some smooth, curved bursh
• New Bunker Brush shapes
• Clear Generated Tree tool
• New Tee Shape Brushes
• Handicaps change between rounds in tournaments
• Huge Speed ups on multiplayer
• Optimisations with water, animals, and more giving upto 40% improvements on some courses
• Improved joining in multiplayer games
• Fixed issue with slow loading times of big courses, making game seem like it’s hung
• Course loading optimisation
• Improved Slope Rating formulas
• Small fixes to UI regarding button call outs
• Improved display of notifications in ticker bar
• Delete message bug fix
• Bug with Object Limit Reached, when trying to publish
• Fixed issues with older courses becoming corrupt