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The Golf Club | June 9, 2023

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Going Grey

Going Grey
Anthony Kyne

I was really hoping that this week’s Dev Diary would be about how well the DLC had been going down since the release but unfortunately we’ve hit a few hitches with the process this week. As I’d said last week the builds had been passed by the certification teams but there was still some underlying shop issues. Over the course of the Canadian long weekend, last weekend, we were in constant contact with Sony and Microsoft about the issues they were having trying to work it out.

Unfortunately between us we’ve realised that the way we all thought it would work, hasn’t. Normally in these cases Sony and Microsoft help us developers through these issues. Unfortunately this time it’s a new process for all of us. We’ve been a victim of our own success here really. No one has ever gone from digital only, to disc and then added DLC to match that to the disc version. So no one really knew what the best way to do it was.

What I’d normally do is give us a bit of breathing space for anything like this to not impact the release date unfortunately we couldn’t do that this time as we weren’t able to submit a build until the day we did due to the embargo I’d mentioned previously.

What all this means is that we’ve resubmitted and we know it’s definitely correct now, but it’s in that black box that is the certification process and we can’t put a specific date on when it will be out. Anywhere in the region of 7 to 15 days is what I’ve been told.

All I can do is apologise, commiserate with you as I can’t get the DLC for my home use either and thank you for your patience and understanding. A lot of you guys have been here since day one and we had no intention of making you wait for the DLC. The quicker we can get it in your hands the better for us. I’ll be very glad once this is through though and all will be back to normal with regards to submissions and the speed at which I’m turning grey can hopefully slow.

On the PC front we’ve noticed that the PC/NVidia users are having issues with the new drivers released in the last week. We’ve managed to track it down in the debugger, Devon is just working on a fix now and Adam is waiting to test it. This means we’ll hopefully get a new build out as soon as possible

We’re still no closer to finding the AMD issue though, we’ve got three machines set up and we’ve seen it happen on all of them but there is no exact reproduction steps to get it to happen. We thought it might be overheating but we left it on all night and it was fine. We thought it might be to do with the “Greg Norman Course Designer” triggering something but that isn’t it either. It just seems completely random. Mitchell is on it full time though, but if you know a way to get it to happen every time can you let us know.

Suggested Courses

  • Atherstone Dunes by Acrilix
  • Eklics Valley AB. by bigcat23wayne
  • TGC Players’ Club – Stadium Course by CSUGolfer69

Suggested Tournaments

  • HB Suggested Elite Cup – W12
    • 4 rounds at Eklics Valley AB. (Handicap +8 or better)
  • HB Suggested Pro Cup – W12
    • 2 rounds at Eklics Valley AB. (Handicap 0 or +8)
  • HB Suggested Amateur Cup – W12
    • 2 rounds at TGC Players’ Club – Stadium Course (Handicap 0 or Worse)
  • HB Suggested ProAm Handicap Cup – W12
    • 4 rounds at Atherstone Dunes for players with a HC of 5 or better.