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The Golf Club | November 30, 2022

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Quiet Week

Quiet Week

With the Canada Day (Not Canadian Day, as I’ve been repeatedly told by the rest of the team) celebrations yesterday and the July 4th (My birthday!) celebrations tomorrow, it’s been a quiet week in the office. Some of the team decided to make last weekend a long one by taking Monday and Tuesday and the other half have decided to take today and tomorrow off. The only 3 constants are Myself, Keith and Adam Fitzgerald. That means there isn’t a huge amount to report this week.

Pushing the July update to the Steam community has paid dividends. Although there were no really big issues it has uncovered a few issues that we’ve managed to get solved before console submission. That is all booked and ready to go now, we’ll be submitting once the holiday weekend is done with. I can’t wait to see some of the great courses you guys make with the Highlands theme.

Devon has been working on improving the Mouse input in the last week, as we’ve now finished the high-res input for consoles and controllers, and this has really improved the game for the mouse users. So I’m looking forward to hearing the feedback from that.

We’re still trying to resolve the Nvidia driver issues. Nvidia continue to tell us they’re looking into it which is good to know, but it would be nice to get a solution. If you’re having this problem though, try running the 32bit version on Steam and that should stop the crash.

As I said it’s a quiet one this week, but we’ll have some news of Console submissions and progress in other areas next week.