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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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The Left Stick of Truth!

The Left Stick of Truth!
Anthony Kyne

We put in extensive testing on the July update and released to the PC community two weeks prior to console submission just to iron out anything that might hinder the gameplay. This helped us breeze through the console submission. The sun was shining and we met the target we set for being out the week before The Open. Then within a minute of the game being released to the Xbox community we found that the left stick swing mechanic was backwards on that platform only. It was a stupid mistake caused by miscommunication between the QA team and mostly my fault for not being more thorough in the process of getting the build out. We had some legacy code left over in the Xbox input functions that weren’t in PS4 and PC, this was the reason that it didn’t affect other platforms.

We’d fixed it within five minutes of the bug being reported and got it back into Microsoft, so I’m just waiting for it to come out of their cert process now and then we’ll push it live.

Apart from that it’s been a great week. We’ve been playing the HB open set up by TGC Tours. I was very excited about the whole thing and should have known better than playing it at my desk. I was interrupted constantly as I played, losing rhythm and finishing with a +15 for the two rounds. I was tempted to do a Kim Jong Il on the server and give myself a hole in one on every hole but I’ll just take the shame on the chin!

If you didn’t catch Paul and Keith’s Twitch feed yesterday, it was a great insight in Paul’s progress on the Greg Norman Course Designer and multiple surfaces. Have a watch here,, and don’t forget to tune into all of our twitches to get the most up to date information from us on our twitch channel

Suggested Courses

  • Royal Balwearie (Sunday) by Biggins
  • Victory Golf Club by kckfire
  • Seminole Creek CC by BRoss2387

Suggested Tournaments

  • HB Suggested Elite Cup – W19
    • 4 rounds at Royal Balwearie (Sunday) (Handicap +8 or better)
  • HB Suggested Pro Cup – W19
    • 2 rounds at Royal Balwearie (Sunday) (Handicap 0 or +8)
  • HB Suggested Amateur Cup – W19
    • 2 rounds at Seminole Creek CC (Handicap 0 or Worse)
  • HB Suggested ProAm Handicap Cup – W19
    • 4 rounds at Victory Golf Club for players with a HC of 5 or better.