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The Golf Club | August 12, 2022

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Designer Showcase - Introduction

Designer Showcase Introduction
Anthony Kyne

At The Golf Club, we are blessed with tons of great courses and some really incredible designers. It has basically become an embarrassment of riches and it will only get better as more and more designers hone their skills in the Greg Norman Course Designer. We wanted to recognize some of the top designers with a Designer Showcase. This by no means represents the only good designers in the game. There are a lot of excellent designers who didn’t make the list and there are probably many hidden gems out there that just haven’t made their way to the forefront.
We asked a few questions to the designers so The Golf Club community could get to know them a bit better and find out a little more on how they go about creating these wonderful courses for all of us to enjoy. The showcase highlights a couple of the designers favorite self made courses, but be sure to hit “more by designer” button on the course overview screen because many of them have a lot more than just the two showcased courses to play and enjoy!

Before starting the Designer Showcase I’d like to pay homage to, and provide some fun info on, Karma4u. While he is not a designer, if you read the HB forums you probably know his name very well. I’d be surprised if every single designer in the Designer Showcase has not benefited from this users great photos at some point. If you have posted a course design in the Completed Courses section on the HB forums, you may very well have been a benefactor of Karma’s great pics of your course. Most times Karma goes in and posts up some great pics before anyone even asks him to do it and for that I’m sure the designers in TGC certainly thank him. HB also wants to say a big thanks to Karma for his efforts! He doesn’t have to do it and we would be remiss if we didn’t include him in the Designer Showcase.

“I bought the game in Early Access the first week it was released. I fly the course, looking for interesting holes, fairways, bunkers, etc. Some courses are so well laid out, I’ll fly every hole. Obviously I don’t have time to play every course but the fly cam works really well. I am absolutely not a pro photographer but just enjoy taking pics of the courses, some more than others! :-)

Before getting to the Designer Showcase, there was a poll in the HB forums to vote on the top designers with a write in vote option as well. Even though these designers did not make the official showcase, they received votes and should still be recognized for their great contributions to the game. Make sure to go out and give these designer’s courses some plays as well. Below is a list with a course from each one but make sure to hit more by each designer as they certainly have more than one good course in the game.

  • DDawg – The Marina GC @ Jensen’s Landing
  • Wendy445 – TGC @ The Bavaro
  • Mariner175 – Harvest Plantation C.C.
  • rDrucken_0 – Gator Hole G.C.
  • Han – Oakmere Golf Club
  • Elz_41 – Bunyip River Golf Club
  • FriendBomber – Hobble Creek G.C.
  • DoGgzbollox – Cinnamon Hills CC Par 70 Tour Edition

Check out the website tomorrow for the first Designer Showcase with Yeltzman