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The Golf Club | August 12, 2022

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Yeltzman - Designer Showcase

Yeltzman – Designer Showcase
Anthony Kyne
  1. How long have you been playing The Golf Club?
    A: Day Release on Xbox One and PS4
  2. How would you describe your style of designing?
    A: Only really enjoy playing real courses, so only design real courses. I always go for playability over special looks and design for the average player to enjoy their round. Hate doing tricks to make a course play tricky. I always go for a course which plays well over a course which just looks good.
  3. What do you use for inspiration when designing your courses?
    A: Only inspiration I take is trying to make a course which looks like the course I’m designing plays or feels like the real course and feels like you’re out there. The people who make courses from scratch, I have the highest regard for them. I could not come up with some of the things they do.
  4. Which two of your own courses are your favorites?
    A: Pebble Beach 2015 or Spyglass Hill 2015
  5. Do you play golf in real life?
    A: Since I tore a disc in my lower back about 12 years ago, I have only been able to play cyber golf these days.
  6. Besides playing/designing in TGC, what are your other hobbies?
    A: Watching Halesowen Town Football Club (soccer), big fan of US Sports as well. Used to travel alot but since a change of family issue’s, not so much these days. Watching (scruffy) on twitch not sure if that’s a hobby or just entertainment
  7. What is your favorite ice cream? 
    A: Raspberry Ripple at Billy Delights ice cream parlour in Chemainus Vancouver island.


Spyglass Hill 2015 by Yeltzman

Yeltzman Spyglass Hill 2015

Muirfield – The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers by Yeltzman

Yeltzman Muirfield