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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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Arctic Fury - Designer Showcase

Arctic Fury – Designer Showcase
Anthony Kyne

1. How long have you been playing The Golf Club?
 A. I have been playing since the game was released on the PS4.

2. How would you describe your style of designing?
 A. Imaginative, eccentric, unique. When creating a course I focus on creating a certain look that has not been done before. Dramatic elevation changes are usually a big part of my designs. I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada and a lot of our courses have massive elevation changes similar to those at my course Ascension Bay. It may seem a little “fantasy” but these sort of elevation changes do exist on real courses here.
I think my courses are different from most because of the way I design them. I usually start with a flat price of land with trees, water etc. set to zero. I then create the “world” first and then fit the golf course into that world. Before I create the first hole, I usually have all the planting and elevation work done. This allows for some dramatic views from the tee boxes.

3. What do you use for inspiration when designing your courses?
 A. I have been designing courses since the 1990’s and my inspiration has changed over the years. I have changed from designing ultra realistic courses in the past to more unique courses with TGC. I look at scenery when I’m outside, take pictures of interesting landscapes and imagine fitting a golf hole into that land.

4. Which two of your own courses are your favorites?
 A. La Valle Glaciale and Empyreal Hills

5. Do you play golf in real life?
 A. I do. Currently a 5 handicap

6. Besides playing/designing in TGC , what are your other  hobbies?
 A. My job takes up most of my time which is the reason why my course library is not bigger. I do enjoy playing hockey and golf -when the snow finally melts here! Lol

7. What is your favorite ice cream?
 A. The blue bubble gum flavoured ice cream. Have not seen it in years though :(

La Valle Glaciale

Artic Fury 1

Empyreal Hills

Artic Fury 2