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The Golf Club | June 9, 2023

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Simulation’s all you need

Simulation’s all you need
Anthony Kyne

One of the things I love about living in Canada is the amount of national holidays we get compared to England. We have nearly one day off a month, which is great in the summer for getting a few rounds in and great in the winter for catching up on some gaming. This Monday, the 3rd, was another one, which normally leads to a few members making a long weekend and taking the Friday and Monday off. So not as much has gone on this week as normally would.
The few of us left decided that we’d get the ProTee simulator set up. With none of us being the manual labour types you can just imagine the difficulty we had with the simple task, but we did get there in the end. We’ve got to upgrade our projector to enjoy TGC in full simulator glory but overall it’s great playing something like Little Brook Manor as a below average golfer and being challenged by it, +48 I went round in!
Watching the team walking up the path into the office with their golf clubs is surreal but the competition once on the tee between Paul and myself is the same as if we were out on the course. He beat me yesterday, but I have a feeling today will be my day :)

I’ll be back next week with more game info, an update announcement and hopefully some news on the European and Australian disc version. Until then. enjoy my sweet chip :)


Suggested Courses

  • Soggy Bottom Golf Club by ADX321
  • Royal Ballylough (Sun) by Rod81simo
  • Hocking Hills Country Club (Sunday) by Buckeye303

Suggested Tournaments

  • HB Suggested Elite Cup – W22
    • 4 rounds at Royal Ballylough (Sun) (Handicap +8 or better)
  • HB Suggested Pro Cup – W22
    • 2 rounds at Royal Ballylough (Sun) (Handicap 0 or +8)
  • HB Suggested Amateur Cup – W22
    • 2 rounds at Hocking Hills Country Club (Sunday) (Handicap 0 or Worse)
  • HB Suggested ProAm Handicap Cup – W22
    • 4 rounds at Soggy Bottom Golf Club for players with a HC of 5 or better. Stableford Rules