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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi
Anthony Kyne
  • On August 20, 2015

It’s been a hectic week but we’re getting closer to having a build that we can submit to Sony and Microsoft.

We’ve spent a bit more time on the swing, just tuning a little across all the platforms to even it all up. It’s feeling really good. I’m sure that not everyone will be happy with the “default to 100%” bug fix but, for the long term future of The Golf Club and our desire to make The Golf Club the ‘go to’ Interactive Golf Game, that just couldn’t stay. What I am hoping, though, is the tweaking we’ve done over the last week or so will keep 99% of people happy.

Talking about the future of The Golf Club, I’ve seen a few posts on the forums about us taking our foot off the pedal and worries that we’re giving up on TGC. This couldn’t be further from the truth, we’ve still got a full development team on the game as we look to expand it. We believe we’ve created a great game that can be a major part of HB Studios’ foundation. Sometimes the work we’re doing is improving the under the hood stuff to enable us to make new content farther down the line. This isn’t always necessarily visible or worth mentioning but is vital to the future of TGC. So I hope that puts a few fears to bed.

We’re even looking to grow the TGC team so, if you fancy a job working with me and the team, take a look at the Jobs page on our website. The more golfers on the team, the better! Also you may notice the prominence of TGC throughout the new HB website, just to underscore that TGC is a big part of HB’s plans.

The nVidia issue, although it seems fixed for a lot of people, does seem to still be troubling a few of you. We’re currently looking for a pattern to the issue. In my mind, it must be something to do with a certain setup. Fortunately, nVidia are seeing it as well which should make it easier to track down. For us, we developed a working game before Windows 10 was announced and nVidia released their driver, so it is frustrating that stuff outside of our control has affected the stability of the game and takes up valuable time and budget that could be used on improving the game. In saying this, nVidia have been great over the last few weeks and their support is very welcome


As promised last week, I did say I’d give you a few screenshots of the Swiss theme and the pine straw. Here they are:SwissTheme04

Dev Diary - Do-Re-Mi

Dev Diary – Do-Re-Mi






Pine straw - Tropical

Pine straw – Tropical


That’s all for this week


Suggested Courses

  • Isla Madeleine Resort, Sao Miguel, The Azores (Lite) by Biggins
  • The Capilano Club by CrazyCanuck1985
  • Hoodoo Hills Remastered: The Gold Course at Yeti Gorge By Dr Yeti


Suggested Tournaments

  • HB Suggested Elite Cup – W24
    • 4 rounds at Hoodoo Hills Remastered: The Gold Course (Handicap +8 or better)
  • HB Suggested Pro Cup – W24
    • 2 rounds at Hoodoo Hills Remastered: The Gold Course (Handicap 0 or +8)
  • HB Suggested Amateur Cup – W24
    • 2 rounds at The Capilano Club (Handicap 0 or Worse)
  • HB Suggested ProAm Handicap Cup – W24
    • 4 rounds at sla Madeleine Resort, Sao Miguel, The Azores (Lite) for players with a HC of 5 or better. Stableford Rules