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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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The “Fall” Guy

The “Fall” Guy
Anthony Kyne
  • On September 11, 2015

It’s a been a busy couple of weeks for me. Once we pushed the builds for the September update to Sony and Microsoft, I decided I’d take a few days off and enjoy the dying embers of summer before the Canadian winter comes and well and truly extinguishes it.

Locals always tell me how much they love “Fall” and how it’s their favourite season. For me, although I enjoy the beauty and enjoy the less humid temperatures, the thought of the snow and negative temperatures give me such a feeling of dread that I find it impossible to enjoy the leaves changing colour and all that it brings.

We’re looking good for a release of the September Update next week. Reports from Sony and Microsoft seem to be very positive, so we should be able to release Wednesday.

The September Update has a nice set of enhancements that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.

  • Two new seasons – which incorporate user created courses
  • Swiss Theme
  • Swing tuning
  • Mouse control improvements
  • Course Designer UI improvements
  • Added red, blue, yellow stakes for marking out of bounds, ground under repair and lateral hazards
  • Added an option to set the width of the fringe around the green
  • Two new surfaces to design with:
    • Mulch
    • Pine Straw
  • Plus a lot of little bug fixes that we’ve managed to get around to over the last couple of months.

I’m looking forward to hearing from the PS4 community about the swing improvements. We hope that we’ve cleared up the issue where people felt they had to slam the stick to get 100%, while still retaining the granular input that allows people to under-swing with a little more consistency.

I’m also looking forward to the reaction to the mouse control overhaul. I’ve been playing with mouse controls almost exclusively for the last few weeks and it’s way more like the Links 2003 experience I used to play back in the day.

Lastly we had some issues with the publishing of the tournaments last week. I’ve taken over responsibility of this from Mitchell while he’s out of the office for a couple of months to finish his degree. I think the issues are fixed now, though, so you should see the tournaments below.

That’s all for this week!


Suggested Courses

  • University Links by Pyates
  • The Valley Course at Hickory Nut Hollow by Grayson103105
  • McKee McGrodo – Black Widow by Tastegw


Suggested Tournaments

  • HB Suggested Elite Cup – W25
    • 4 rounds at McKee McGrodo – Black Widow (Handicap +8 or better)
  • HB Suggested Pro Cup – W25
    • 2 rounds at McKee McGrodo – Black Widow (Handicap 0 or +8)
  • HB Suggested Amateur Cup – W25
    • 2 rounds at University Links (Handicap 0 or Worse)
  • HB Suggested ProAm Handicap Cup – W25
    • 4 rounds at The Valley Course at Hickory Nut Hollow for players with a HC of 5 or better. Stableford Rules