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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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Self Control - Matt Lane

Self Control – Matt Lane
Anthony Kyne
  • On September 24, 2015

Anthony has invited me to take the reins for this week’s Dev Diary, so here it goes folks! In particular we wanted to bring everyone up to date on the recent gameplay updates in case you haven’t been following the banter on the forums, so I will try to summarise everything as concisely as possible for you in one good little read.

The September update introduced some new features, enhancements and changes to the game, as you would have read in Anthony’s previous and finely titled “The Fall Guy” Dev Diary. But another technical feature of the update now allows the development team the luxury to tune many of the gameplay mechanics on our end, and then once we have adjustments made and tested and good to go, we can push these changes directly to the game via the TGC server.

This will apply to Xbox One as well once the Title Update drops. Should be any minute now! If not already.

We will do our best to keep you in the loop on any minor gameplay adjustments we are going to push to the game, and we will continue to collate helpful feedback we receive on the forums which helps us to refine TGC. Cheers everyone in the community for continuing to bounce your ideas around and sharing your passion for the game.

Here are the adjustments to gameplay that were applied this week, these are now live:

• Fixed Shot Modification grid speed
• Tuned Normal, Punch & Flop shot backswing speed
• Tuned Chip shot backswing speed & length
• Tuned Pitch shot backswing speed
• Tuned Putt backswing speed

• Fixed analog-stick dead-zone issue (perfect swing exploit)
• Tuned Chip shot backswing speed & length
• Tuned Pitch shot backswing speed

Note that many of the PC Mouse swing control adjustments were made in response to feedback that many people, particularly those with a mouse with higher DPI settings, were finding the control of the swing was ultra-sensitive following the latest Steam Update. We tested and tuned these swing changes using a variety of different mouse DPI setting configurations. For more information, or if you are finding it very sensitive (or maybe not sensitive enough) when you are trying to take a swing or putt when playing with a mouse, we now have additional details in this sticky thread on the TGC forums in the PC section which may help you improve your gameplay experience:

Hopefully for now we have managed to reach a good balance of gameplay for just about all players across each platform (mouse and controller), and somewhat of a plateau on tuning at least for a little while following these latest changes to the swing mechanics. But as always we welcome any useful feedback and comments that will help us to continue making TGC even better in future.

Happy golfing all and good luck!

Matt Lane
Senior Designer – HB Studios