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The Golf Club | June 9, 2023

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Mikemike3000 - Designer Showcase - The Golf Club

Mikemike3000 – Designer Showcase

1. How long have you been playing The Golf Club?
A: I think I first started playing in September 2014.

2. How would you describe your style of designing?
A: I try to make courses that are of medium difficulty with emphasis on details and lots of planting.


3. What do you use for inspiration when designing your courses?
A: Nothing in particular, I like to start laying down a hole and let the inspiration come to me as I’m designing.

4. Which two of your own courses are your favorites?
A: Zewina Golf Club and Mazinka Island

5. Do you play golf in real life?
A: Yes I do! Search for “Vallentuna Golfklubb – Sweden” in The Golf Club if you would like to play my home course.

6. Besides playing/designing in TGC , what are your other hobbies?
A: Playing golf, riding motocross bikes, and drinking beer.

7. What is your favorite ice cream?
A: Daimstrut (Swedish ice cream)

Mazinka Island


Zewina Golf Club