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The Golf Club | January 30, 2023

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PC Knockout Tournament

PC Knockout Tournament

Development Diary – PC Knockout

The HB Knockout Tournament started a few weeks ago on all three platforms. It was an idea hatched by Elz_41 and HB_KeithC.  The turnout was very good with 160 players across the PS4, XB1 and PC. The way it worked was each Knockout round was two rounds of golf on the same course with the cut line eliminating half of the field. The next round was played on a new course with half the field again getting eliminated. That continued until it got down to the final two players.

Each platform had it’s own tournament and this past week the PC finalists squared off for their championship. The final match had Doyley and Blueorfe playing at Magnolia National (Sun) by theCLV24.   Stop reading here and watch the match if you don’t want any spoilers. Then come back to finish reading!


To find out how the two finalists got there, check out the stats.

Round 1 – Cut line (-4)

Doyley -17
Blueorfe -16


Round 2 – Cut line (-18)

Blueorfe -25
Doyley -18


Round 3 – Cut line (-18)

Doyley -20
Blueorfe -18


Round 4 – Cut line (-24)

Doyley -27
Blueorfe   -24


Round 5 – Cut line (-23)

Doyley -24
Blueorfe -23


The Championship match had Elz_41 and HB_KeithC commenting on the action. Blueorfe showed off his amazing approach skills but his putter let him down a couple of times early, not allowing him to take advantage of a couple of birdie opportunities. Doyley was down one shot going into the 10th hole. He put his approach shot below the hole and cashed in for the birdie. Blueorfe also had a nice approach but left it above the hole. That proved costly as once again his putter let him down with his ball catching the lip and rolling to about 8 feet away. Another missed putt from there led to a bogey and a two shot swing. Doyley now had the lead heading to the 11th tee.

After both players made par at #11 and #12, they got to the par 5 13th hole. Both players hit great tee shots and put their approach shots on the green for eagle chances. Doyley made a big statement by draining his eagle putt after Blueorfe was unable to make his putt. That put Doyley up -7 to -5 after 13 holes.   Blueorfe came right back with a birdie on #14 to close the gap to one shot. Neither player was able to pick up a shot on the other one at the par 5 15th, as each made a birdie.

They headed to the 16th hole with Doyley still holding a one shot lead. After Blueorfe stuck his tee shot to about 3 feet, Doyley followed that up with a great shot of his own. Both players made birdie so Doyley still was up by a single shot, -9 to -8. On #17, Blueorfe hit a great approach shot but Doyley found the front bunker.   Doyley was faced with a shot that would require a great deal of skill. He had to get up and down to make sure he did not fall out of the lead. He pulled it off, knocking his bunker shot to about two feet. Blueorfe would nail the birdie putt to send this incredible match to the 18th tee all squared up at -9 each.

Both players hit good drives on #18 with Blueorfe away. His approach shockingly found the front bunker and gave the advantage to Doyley. Would Doyley try to stick it close or just make sure to hit the green with his opponent potentially in trouble? His approach shot safely found the green and left him with about 14 feet to the hole. With the pressure on, Blueorfe escaped the sand with a shot to about 4 feet. That left the stage to Doyley with the chance to make the winning putt.   His putt broke from right to left but just barely missed. Blueorfe still had his four footer to send the match to a Sudden Death playoff. He calmly sank the putt and it was off to extra holes.

Both players made it look easy as they birdied the first hole and then moved on to the par 5 second hole. They were down by the green in two shots, each with a pitch into the green to try to set up a birdie putt. Doyley had played out to the left with his second shot and was first to hit. He hit an amazing pitch shot that landed just short of the hole and trickled down to the right to finish within 2 feet of the hole. It was then up to Blueorfe to match him. His pitch was a little less than desired as it left him with about 7 feet and a tricky little right to left break. He would need to make the putt to continue the match as Doyley was in very close. Blueorfe hit what looked like a good putt but watched as it slid by right in front of the hole.   Doyley would tap in to take the first ever HB Knockout Tournament on PC. The viewers were shown a great match and congratulations really go to both players as they played their hearts out. It was definitely a match for the ages.

The XB1 and PS4 finals are being set up at this time and should be happening soon. Keep an eye on the HB forums and Twitter/Facebook for info. Also, if you are interested in joining the next HB Knockout Tournament, keep an eye on the HB forums as that’s where the sign-ups will take place. Hopefully the next one will start to take shape around the beginning of November. You want to be a part of the next one, I can promise you that!