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The Golf Club | June 9, 2023

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HB Knockout Tournament #2 - update 1

HB Knockout Tournament #2 – update 1

HB Knockout Tournament #2

The next Knockout Tournament is in full swing. Round 1 has just finished up so half the field on each platform has been eliminated. For those not familiar with the Knockout Tournament, the way it works is for each round, the competitors play 2 rounds of stroke play on the same course. The top half of the field advances to the next round and the bottom half is eliminated from the event. So for example there are 80 players entered on the PS4. The top 40 scores will make the cut, the other half are eliminated. A new course is chosen for Round 2 and half the field is again knocked out. This continues on until it gets down to the final two players. They then square off in a live, one round stroke play championship. The champion of the HB Knockout Tournament #2 is going to win a Cobra driver!

With the prizes stepped up for this second Knockout Tournament, the pressure is likely going to follow suit. I have already heard from a couple of players saying the nerves were ramped up a little more for this event and it’s only Round 1! Nobody knows where the cut line is going to fall exactly, so you certainly want to be playing your best each round. That will only get magnified as each round progresses.

Round 1 was played at The Sneaky Yeti Golf Facility and Vegetable Market by Dr Yeti. Miacanes12 led the way on PS4 at -29 with 40 people making the cut at -10 or better. On PC, Blueorfe led the way with a -27 with 22 players making the cut at -13 or better. On XB1, CGilb led the field with a -28 total score with 22 players making the cut at -10 or better. Of course, winning the round doesn’t necessarily matter, the players just need to make the cut to advance. Unfortunately each platform saw a fair share of players either not play their rounds or not finish both rounds. Hopefully that will change going forward and everyone still in the Tournament will play both rounds.

Round 2 has been published at the time of writing this Dev Diary. This round will be played on The Fairways Club by bigcat23wayne. The course is built in the Harvest theme and is not very long at just 6655 yards but it’s certainly not a very easy course. It is a par 71 so that factors in to the yardage.   Be sure to follow the action in the HB Knockout Tournament thread in the HB forums. Many of the players have been posting their scores and commenting on their round, so it’s quite interesting to read. Some have even been Twitch streaming their rounds so keep an eye out for that if you want to see some of the action in real time.

Good luck to the competitors in Round 2 and beyond!

Rules and info are here :