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The Golf Club | April 2, 2023

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HB Knockout Tournament #2 Championships

HB Knockout Tournament #2 Championships
Anthony Kyne
  • On January 12, 2016

The 2nd Knockout tournament was a great success with three very good championship events.   The finals were played at FriendBOMBER’s course, Pebble Beach (Blacks). Each of the finalists played very well with the winner just playing that much better. All of the 2nd place finishers definitely have no reason to hang their heads as their scores easily could have won on a different day.

On the PS4, the Championship match was Disturbed932 vs Morgan-esque. Disturbed got off to a very hot start and made Morgan-esque chase him the rest of the way.   The hot start proved to be too much with the final total being -15 for Disturbed932 and -12 for Morgan-esque. You can watch the final round here:

For the PC Championship, the finalists were Doyley vs Mellow-Swe. Just as in the PS4 finals, a hot start by Doyley proved to be too much to overcome for his opponent. Mellow-Swe played some great golf, shooting -11 but it wasn’t enough to catch Doyley on this day. On the strength of a couple early eagles, Doyley wound up with a -16 score in the Championship. Video of their contest is here:

The 3rd Knockout Championship was on the XB1.   In this one, it was Nemecyst vs DoubtfulObelisk for all the marbles. This was definitely the closest match of the three platforms. Nemecyst took an early one shot lead and was able to keep it through the early part of the round as both players posted up some birdies. Going into the 8th hole, Nemecyst had moved it up to a two shot lead but a bogey there cut the lead back to a single shot. He was able to get it right back on #9 with a birdie so the lead was two shots at the turn.   A one shot lead evaporated on #14 when Nemecyst failed to match Doubtful’s birdie so both were at -7 heading to the 15th tee.   Unmatched birdies on #15 and #16 quickly gave Nemecyst a two shot lead going to the 17th tee. Doubtful was in a tough spot at that point but he hadn’t given up the fight just yet. His birdie on #17 cut the deficit to one shot as they stood on the 18th tee. Both players found the green in two so it came down to the putter to decide the championship. DoubtfulObelisk went first and found the bottom of the cup for an eagle to take the lead by a shot. Nemecyst, showing nerves of steel, dropped his own eagle putt right on top to claim the XB1 championship, -11 to -10. View the exciting match here:


The 2nd HB Knockout Tournament awarded prizes to the top three players on each platform. Top prize was a Cobra driver, 2nd place was a Cobra 3 wood and 3rd place was a Cobra hybrid.

The Winners

Doyley - DriverDisturbed932 - DriverNemecyst - Driver
Mellow-Swe - 3 WoodMorgan-Esque - 3 WoodDoubtfulObelisk - 3 Wood
BoomBoom - HybridEdi-Vedder - HybridDaddyjules10 - Hybrid