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The Golf Club | June 9, 2023

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Wacky Par 3 Contest

Wacky Par 3 Contest
Anthony Kyne
  • On February 4, 2016

Designers, we need your wackiest par 3 hole for a contest!  It should just be a one hole course with the most insane par 3 you can come up with.  Now, some things need to be a part of the hole:

1) It should be playable first and foremost.  The hole has to be reachable in one shot so that a hole in one is technically possible.

2) The hole should look really good too.  It is your task to bring out the best that the GNCD has to offer.  This contest is not only about making a really fun par 3 hole but making the TGC visuals look as good as possible!

The hole shouldn’t be unplayable hole is right out!  Don’t make something like a green on top of a spike mountain that is 300 yards in the air.  Obviously that would never be a playable shot.  Try not to cover up all of the beauty of the hole with obstacles.

The idea behind the contest is for the hole to be used for entertainment purposes.  There could be lots and lots of people that get to witness people play this hole that you have created.  So put on your designers cap and create something really fun and unique.  A prize is in store for the winning entry!