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The Golf Club | August 12, 2022

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TGC Retrospective : Playing The Golf Club by Crazycanuck1985

TGC Retrospective : Playing The Golf Club by Crazycanuck1985
Brett McCartney

The Golf Club is a game that holds a special place in my heart. Who knew that an indie golf game would suck me in and cause me to put in over 1500 hours into this experience.

I discovered the game by accident. Back in the middle of 2014 I was reading an article on IGN with a small write up about The Golf Club. Back then, the only golf game I knew of was of the EA variety (which was becoming very dull). What hooked me in was the one big feature, the crown jewel of this game (in my opinion) the Greg Norman Course Designer. After reading this, I anxiously awaited the games release on XB1 (I play almost exclusively on PC now, even though I own the game on all 3 platforms).

When I first picked it up, it felt very realistic. No gimmicks or special pants you can buy to help you hit 300 yards…it was just pure and simple golf. The putting especially stands out. I really felt as though everyone was on a level playing field. The GNCD was still working out the kinks early on, but I finally dove in and started creating courses in late 2014. It was addicting. I had so many ideas, and with each new hole I made, I started figuring out how to use this “easy to operate, difficult to master” tool that is the Greg Norman Course Designer. From that point on, I was obsessed with playing and designing new courses…so much so that I started a twitch series called “Canuck’s Course Critiques”, in which people would send me their courses and I would review them live on Twitch. It became very popular in the community and morphed into TGCTLive, the official Twitch show of

So much has changed in the 18 months since I have started playing The Golf Club. The wind system has been improved, and is more random and creates a level playing field for all golfers playing in a particular tournament. There is also the rise of, a massive community of TGC fans who play in tiered tours that mimic the golf tours of real life. On the design front, the GNCD has gone from great to excellent, being easier to use and adding a multitude of new features (texture selection, new brush shapes, new themes, etc). This game has gone from good to great in this span.

I hope The Golf Club continues on strong with new updates, or (preferably) an announcement to a sequel…The Golf Club 2. My hopes for TGC2 would include; full integration into the game, improved multiplayer and additional game modes, improved stat tracking, GNCD improvements and updates, shots that are less “dialed in” (eg. Maybe your club will travel a distance that is in a range, other than an exact distance), and improved short game (make the flop shot harder!).

In the last 18 months, many video games I have played have come and gone, but I always go back to TGC. That really says something. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Crazycanuck1985 – Andre Quenneville