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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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TGC VR Patch 1.02 Notes

TGC VR Patch 1.02 Notes
Brett McCartney

For this patch we wanted to focus on the feedback we have received from the community on the difficult learning curve of The Golf Club VR. In an effort to increase accessibility without taking away from golf, we have added a new beginner difficulty. This can both be used as a way to familiarize yourself with the controls of the game or can be a nice practice aid while you’re warming up before a round. Along with the new difficulty we have also added a putt preview feature that allows you to take a practice putt before lining up that 15ft eagle, or a double bogie. This by no means makes your putt a gimmie but helps you adjust to the green speeds and slope without jeopardizing your putting game. These features are among several other bug fixes and new features listed below. Take some time to play through the new tutorial and checkout the changes we have made. If you have any feedback or come across any issues, as always, we’re keeping an eye on the forums to help you out.

Bug Fixes:

• Ball not being set properly when teleporting to ball on tutorial island.
• Reduced the flash to steam room when grabbing the yardage book.
• Scorecard not showing up properly on the scoreboard.
• UI Sounds FX not working on menus.
• Yellow ball beacon didn’t disappear after dropping a new ball.
• Watch visibility range adjusted to fix issues with it popping in and out.
• Sticky Club description is backwards and doesn’t fit in text box.
• Missed swing feedback lines when making contact with the ball.
• Default club rotations are not correct.
• Watch showing feet instead of yards and not tracking strokes.
• Localization for EFIGS, PT and JA. (First Pass)

Additional Features:

Beginner difficulty with additional assists for aiming has been added. This difficulty will be accessible through the tutorial or the gameplay settings via the main menu. This setting will give you visual assist to help aim your shots and apply the correct loft. This can be used to help line up your shot or you can lock in your swing by pressing up on the touch pad. While the direction is locked take a swing like normal to have the ball follow your selected path.

Receive a putt preview while on the green. You can now take a step back and take a practice putt next to your ball. This will shoot your practice ball along the green to help you judge the weight of your shot and the slope of the green. Only one practice putt can be used per-stroke and this feature is not available on Pro.

The shot analyzer has received an upgrade with additional shot information. While viewing the shot analyzer you can now look at your watch to see how far your ball has traveled. In addition to this you will also receive a grade based on your swing speed, flight path, contact with the ball and the accuracy of your shot. The idea of the grading is to help improve your game by seeing where you’re getting penalized and try to improve on that area.

The tutorials have been updated to outline the new features and difficulty. You can now practice in the tutorial with each difficulty before moving on and without needing to open the menu. A putt preview tutorial as also been added.

Ball depth in bunkers and the sand penalty are now based on how the ball enters the bunker.

MSAA and SS sliders have been added to the visual settings.

Unlocked two additional courses