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The Golf Club | June 2, 2023

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The Golf Club VR Patch 1.07 Notes

The Golf Club VR Patch 1.07 Notes
Brett McCartney


TGC:VR Patch 1.07 Notes: Wednesday, January 11th

The past two weeks we have been putting a lot of focus on the gameplay physics and club tuning based on community feedback. With this update you’re going to see a big difference in the way the ball lands and rolls on the greens. We have addressed the issue of the ball shooting backwards with back spin and stopping abruptly, you should also see better bounces. We have also made individual tuning to each club for Casual and Amateur difficulties.

Bug Fixes:
•Addressed clipping issues with the range finder.
•Addressed crashes that were reported by users.
•Addressed issues progressing through the tutorial.
•Replaced missing textures so there should be no more pink boxes.

Additional Courses
With this update we have started to bring all The Golf Club 1 courses over to The Golf Club VR. This is a long process and over the next several hours you will continue to see new courses be populated to the game. At the time of this update there should be at least a few thousand new ones to keep you busy for a while. Once this update is fully completed we will be setting up to pull any new courses from The Golf Club 1 in to The Golf Club VR. At that point, if you own the original game you will be able to create your own courses then play them in VR.